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The following was originally written in 2010, which was before the demise of my marriage, so I discuss Rudy and I, and use plural personal pronouns:

About two years ago, we watched the History Channel’s “Christmas unWrapped: the History of Christmas” special. It can be found on iTunes, or in parts, on YouTube starting here: . It’s from a secular perspective, so thankfully devoid of hyper religious dogma, which had so turned Rudy & I off from his parents anti-Christmas perspective.  As we watched, the history of Christmas thru the ages, and saw pagan reveling and partying in a mardi gras/halloween style, we became troubled in heart and spirit, regarding Christmas, it’s origins, and our continuation of celebrating it.  We’ve forsaken Halloween completely, and without question based on the same history…  Why are we observing Christmas? we asked ourselves.  It’s taken two years since to think, pray, wrestle thru the holiday and what are we going to do with it?

It would be one thing if the pagan origins were from some obscure tradition, or little known false gods, but as I’ve researched the origins of Christmas, I find that it, Lent, Easter, Halloween and for that matter, most “false gods” & pagan practices around the world can be traced all the way back to the tower of Babal, and it’s founder, Nimrod, and his wife/mother? Semiramis.  Of course names, and some of the traditions have changed, thanks to the Lord confounding the language, turning the area into Babel – confusion, and  spreading the peoples abroad.

The story changes too – some say Nimrod was struck dead by Esau, cut into peices and sent thru-out the land, other’s by infighting, as an act of God, and the most gruesome says that He learned of his wife’s not so immaculate conception, was going to expose her, but she beat him to the punch, and in their traditional winter solstice revelry had him torn, limb from limb…

Universally tho, is the doctrine that he ascended to the sun, becoming the god of the Sun. The sun was already worshiped, but now, even more-so, and an elaborate system of holidays, falling on the solstice’s, equinox’s and half way between each, emerged.  The birth of the child, named Tammuz, was heralded as the “original incarnation” of the god, Nimrod, via Semiramis’ immaculate conception. Tammuz’s birthday reportedly falling on the winter solstice, which was Dec 25th on the Julian calendar (in use till 1582).  He was killed, prematurely, at 40 years of age, while hunting, by a wild boar. His death and reported resurrection/reincarnation as an egg? (I’ve not completely followed the history back on that) was most often commemorated at Easter – with an early sunrise worship service of the sun, followed by a big feast of wild boar/pig/ham; prior to which, the pagans fasted and mourned for 40 days, one day for each year of his life (altho one source I found actually puts him as having died sometime in late summer rather than the early spring).  After Tammuz’ birth, to avoid losing her own status, Semiramis became known as the Mother of god, the Queen of Heaven, and across the nations, the madonna & child became revered, and worshiped. (Many stories say that Tammuz and Semiramis also married) Part of this story includes a dead log which Semiramis said represented Nimrod, out of which sprang an evergreen, representing Tammuz  (often called the Tammuz tree, also the Yalda – meaning birth or nativity– tree), which, Semiramis claimed, Nimrod would come to and leave gifts at…on Tammuz‘ birthdate (winter solstice) – she in turn placed idols under the tree.    Is any of this sounding familiar??

As I said, the names changed – Molech, Baal & Astheroth of the Cannanites, Ishtar & Tammuz of the Persions, Oris & Isis of the Egyptians… etc. The Norse also carried the traditions to the scandinavian areas, and most historians trace the christmas tree and yule log to them in more “recent” history, but Persian/Assyrian history & even DNA testing indicates that the Norse came from the fertile crescent, carrying with them, the same pagan religion. In Rome, the religion was termed Mithraism and Dec 25th was the festival of Saturnalia.

In my search for the beginnings of Christmas, I found many “anit-Christmas” websites out there. Having tired of the typical “Christmas is bad” sites, which promulgate certain historical stories (legends/myths) without citing their references, and many of them writing the same things, without even referencing where they got the whole of their essay from; I’ve been searching for more information, and I’ve found a few links that lend to the credibility of those “historical stories”… they take the story all the way back… Of course, one has to remember this is to some extent legend and myth given that we are following a story back some 5000 years, so the stories often are conflicting on some points, while overlapping:

Well-written Christian discussion of the beginnings of the religion of Babylon, Madonna & child, civilization in the Fertile Crescent :

Two “pagan/non-Christian” sources, which, to me, frankly, give credibility to other not well annotated “protest-ant” sites decrying the origins of the coming holiday:

The first is a post on a forum, of the Assyrian Voice website, which is a place for Assyrians around the world to connect, share news, etc.

I find the following quote from the above rather startling:

“ According to ancient Babylonian myths and history, the resurrection, death, marriage and birth of Tammuz and Ishtar are ancient Babylonian holidays that have never left us. Hijacked by the Roman Empire and then “repackaged” as Christian holidays, they remain stark evidence of the depth and piety the ancient people of Beth Nahrain (syrian word for Mesopotamia – modern Iraq & Syria) once held for their ancient Gods.”


[Author’s Note: On this occasion I would like to wish all our people in Iraq , and around the world, a Happy Ishtar holiday. Let’s all pray that our homeland, symbolised by our God Tammuz, will one day be resurrected and return from its current state in the netherworld. The Ishtar holiday is today more important than ever as it gives the people of Iraq hope for a new beginning and a brighter future.]

The following is from a Free Iran forum, altho I found the very first post (which pertains to this conversation) from the following link on several other sites as well:

from that first post – (you need to know that Mitra/Mithra was a prophet/god, who became associated with sun worship – Mithraism was common in Rome, at the time when Christianity became accepted in Rome):

“So now with or without the children at home, we decorate a small Sarve (cyprus tree) with a star (Mitra’s) on top and many presents all around, not necessarily for Mitra, but in memory of my ancestors for my children and grandchildren.

Please, therefore, decorate a tree at this joyous time, call it by its true name — Yalda Tree — and celebrate it as your own and don’t feel ambivalent when your children wonder if we celebrate the occasion. So Happy Yalda and the greetings of the season to all of you; no matter what your religion.”

Tho I’ve focused here on quotes regarding Christmas as that was what I was originally addressing;  – in summary of the bibliography – the history of Christmas, Easter, and several other “church holidays” celebrated on the equinox, solstices & half way in between points, have their roots, typology, customs and icons directly from ancient sun worship, which after the flood, started in Babylon, by Nimrod, builder of Babel.

My Further discussion on What Scripture has to say, can be found here: Holiday, Holy days – a look at Scripture

Various Online Christian articles & books – Covering most of the Christmas History/Babel connection – there are many more, but these stood out somewhat from the rest, and are varied in denomination background. The last series mentioned is likely the most compelling in regards to making connections between ancient Babylon and Now:
(this website lists both the RC & SDA churches as cults – I’ve not thoroughly investigated their theology) The oft cited “The Two Babylons” 
(I’m not yet sure if this site is Christian in origin, or not… but it has a ton of information)

History of Semiramis:*.html

History of Nimrod:*.html

History of Tammuz (much is included in other entries):
The entry Adonis (Baal of the Phenicians) links directly to the above.

Sun worship:


Christmas Trees:;wap2

Other names of the same god’s:

The Merger of Sun worship and Christianity:

“The Real Story Behind Christmas, Easter & Halloween” by Vance Ferrell
which quotes many sources, including, but not limited to: Bible Commentary, Bibliothica Sacra, Catholic Encyclopedia, Code of Justinian, Edict of Milan, The Mysteries of Mithrua, History of Civilization, Encyclopedia Britannica & Americana, Great Controversy, Paganism to Christanity, New Scaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Handbook of Christian Feasts and customs etc.

The Total Onslaught Series, by Walter Veith gives an overwhelming amount of quotes, directly from the organizations themselves (Catholic, Masonic, Jesuit, UN, WHO, Islamic etc) which stand in witness to Babylon’s religion being perpetrated into this current age. 
The first few lectures of that series are Prof. Veith’s (and other’s) view of prophecy, but most of the series is merely slide after slide, after slide of connecting the dots behind the “mystery religion of Babylon” and it’s agenda.


About Beloved of YHWH

I am the “Head of Domestic Affairs” here on the mountain top. What that means is, I’m a stay-at home mom of 2 Boys, Small business owner, gardener, homemaker, blogger, planner, mediator, nurse, and so much more. My life took an unexpected and painful turn a couple of years ago, which is how I came to name my blog Shakam Boqer, but YHVH has been incredibly faithful to me, the boys and I are healing, and I am full of hope. I’m a follower of Yeshua, and my faith is an integral part of my life. Part of how He created me to reflect Him is to be a teller of the Story. I share my story, not as an exhibitionist, not for the attention it might receive, not for accolades or recognition, but, for His Glory – so that others, as they read, as they see how YHVH has led and loved me over the course of time, can be edified, lifted up, encouraged to Look to HIM, to Trust Him, to pursue Holy Wholeness with every fiber of their beings. Within this blog, I want community and conversation and interaction. I want to offer hope, and joy, and also thought provoking bits that make one look deeper into the heart of Elohim. This is my place to share my thoughts, wrestlings and just daily life. Please, please feel free to comment, discuss and even dissect & respectfully disagree. Be sure you check out Welcome & Disclaimers to get a general idea of the Blog, and what I am about: Feel free to contact me directly at: abigailmistyd at gmail dot com. Some blogs are password protected as I don't want pictures of my children pulled from my blog in a "image search" and posted elsewhere on the web. If I know you in person, or we have interacted online, and you'd like to read them, shoot me a note, tell me how I know you, and ask for the password. :)

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