John 21 – the redemption of Relationships


I attended a church service last night – Sermon on John 21. What follows is my summary of the notes and my take home… Thanks to the Pastor, Brody, for the sermon, and presenting these thoughts so well…

I love how John 20 looks like it could be the end of the book, but then John adds 21, in which Yeshua is really just hanging out with his guys.

Presumably the disciples are in the upper room, or somewhere in Jerusalem, and Peter is bored, or hungry, or knowing Peter and men like him, JUST. HAS. TO. DO. SOMETHING. NOW! before he goes completely stir crazy…
They go out fishing, have caught nothing.
Yeshua shows up on shore, as it’s getting light and asks, “Hey Boys, ya caught anything?”

They realize it’s Him, Peter, in his excitement jumps in and swims (tho, out of respect for the relationship gets dressed first, which is just funny, given he’s already shown himself to not be the best swimmer in the world, so why drag yourself down with more clothes, but you know – it’s the Master, gotta put on some clothes!)
Once Peter arrives on shore, out of breath, excited, nervous, unsure, Yeshua rather nonchalantly says, “Ya hungry? Bring some fish”

I can just see Peter – super excited to see Him, unsure what to do, completely wet, really just wants to Hug Yeshua yet doesn’t want to soak Him, and hears the “bring some fish”, so he runs over to help get the fish in, and it looks like he pulls the entire catch in, on his own, some 153 fish… What a beautiful portrayal of Peter’s humanity, the underlying stuff of a relationship that has been taxed to the edge. Peter had denied his Lord, Yeshua had died – oh the agony contained in those 3 days of waiting, He’s alive – What joy … but the guilt… taxed beyond what Peter’s impulsive nature could well contain, and so we see him here in this place and Yeshua soothingly invites Peter into just being with Him.

The fish looks deformed, but something in this man's smile makes me think of Peter, with a handful of fish, in his excitement to see Yeshua.

So, Yeshua already has food, but he asks them to contribute, and they sit down to eat…

It’s the redemptive place of just hanging out with friends, the easing of the relationship after all the pain of the betrayal, running away, & crucifixion. It’s raw, it’s human, it’s redemptive…
and John is the only one who records it. The other gospels go from resurrection, maybe the first time Yeshua sees his disciples in the upper room – directly to the Great Commission. Not John. John started to end his book, but then says to himself, no, I need to show the redemption, the human element of the risen Lord. I need to show how He sets the tone, he shows up and basically says by his words and actions, “Let’s chill guys, It’s okay, I forgive you, let’s just hang out a while.”

Of course, there is more to the chapter – the connecting deeply to Peter’s heart, the dealing with this really deep wound and guilt that Peter has lingering in the background… but we didn’t cover that last night.

We left it with Yeshua hanging with His Friends by the fire, on the edge of the lake. It’s soothing, it’s warm, it’s comfortable, It’s Redemptive, and balm for the soul.

May we each enjoy that time, fireside, lakeside with Him… Being restored…


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