All the Way Home… in the Rain of His Mercy


Dedicating this song to my “Grandpa Daddy Chuck”

Grandpa Reading the Devotional

There has been Incredible Beauty passed on… (despite the ugly baggage that every family heritage holds to one degree or another)

My Grandpa, and my Grandmother truly passed on a legacy of faith to me, for which I’m grateful…
So many times I remember sitting with them for beginning or end of Sabbath worship – her gnarled fingers flying on the keys, all the family singing, His deep voice reading the Psalms.
His bumbling attempts to protect and to honor me.
His love, and the fact that I never had to tell him who I was on the phone, he’s always recognized my voice.
Blueberries, and his afternoon naps under his newspaper.
Hearing him whistle while he worked in the garden, his harmonica train song….
More recently his love for my boys, taking them on rides on his scooter, oxygen tank attached…
And the answers to my deep prayers as he faced the hard…
I love you Grandpa – Thank you for walking in the rain of His Mercy the Best you knew how… all the way home…
If I don’t see you again in this life, I’ll see you in the Morning!”

My grandpa is 50 years older than me minus 4 days… He’s almost 88.  He grew up on a farm in Michigan, and aside from being a carpenter, and a sales man, was a farmer all his life. So many years he would say, at the end of the summer, “I’m not going to put in as big a garden next year…” and every year, it was the same size or bigger. (I got that from him…) He even had one this year, tho he just oversaw the work…  He mowed his lawn this year too, just last week, he was riding the mower, oxygen in tow…
His heart has been giving out for a long while now… but it’s about done. He’s ready.He’s made as good of peace as I think he knows how with the ugly ghosts of his past, and with his children. Some of it has been incredibly miraculous!

He’s confident in the Lord, in His faith.
Two days ago, he had a heart attack. Yesterday, another. His heart is very, very weak.  He’s on a ventilator right now, and IV meds are keeping his blood pressure regulated… All the family is coming in from all over the America’s (literally – South America, US & Canada) tonight and tomorrow. (written Fri night)  The plan is to take him off the ventilator & IV’s tomorrow (Sabbath, July 28), and hope that he lives well enough to come home, but with the knowledge that he may go to sleep this weekend. The reality is, his heart is so weak that he can’t, on his own, keep a high enough blood pressure to sustain life, so, barring a miracle, I expect him to pass very quickly.

I went to see him yesterday. I’m glad I did. I was able to anoint & pray for Grandpa, lay my tallit, which says, “Healing in His Wings” over him in an act of faith that YHVH’s timing be perfect, and sing to him, to offer my touch & YHVH’s shalom to him.  My Spirit Intuition says that He knew I was there, and I felt he wanted to say “Thank you for singing”, and “love you girl” tho the tube in his mouth didn’t allow for that, nor did the sedative.
Tomorrow the family will be in. My boys have whooping cough, tho they are almost over it, I can’t take them into the hospital to visit, and I don’t have childcare, so I won’t be there…
YHVH has his days counted – My prayer is that, If today, or tomorrow, or the next day is the end of that counting, may each family member be filled with shalom and strength for the days ahead. If however, those days are not yet up, may he soon recover from this (specifically that he be able to come off the ventilator, stabilize and come home) in a way which gives him meaningful life, which is honoring to YHVH and potentially allows for further healing and restoration..
I was very thankful for a few quiet moments with him yesterday …. I wish I could spend the next few days bedside singing to him… but I know he is in YHVH’s hands…
Please keep the family and especially his wife, Rosina “Oma” in your prayers. Thank you!


He passed away this morning at 11:30 AM. I had the awesome privilege of being with him in the last 16 hours or so.. It was YHVH’s perfect timing…   Rest in Peace Dear Grandpa!! I’ll see you in the morning.

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Slide show is from June 2009 – a visit with Great Grandpa & my boys
AND from Nov 2011 – when his youngest daughter came down for a visit
They sang special music for church, and then sang again for those who had come to lunch.

Below are the thumbnails, which can be chosen for a larger image.


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  1. Beautiful. What a moving tribute to a man whose glory shines through your words about him, even here at the last. The peace of Christ be with you and upon you all as you say goodbye.


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