Grateful Lists – the last 6 mos


I have a friend who started making grateful lists sometime last year. She ended each one with, “My grateful list for today, and yours??”  Finally, in July, I took her challenge and started making my own grateful lists.  I tried to make them clear enough that the people I’d spent the day with knew what I was talking about; vague enough that the casual reader would know I was grateful, but not know the details of my day.  
It’s been pretty cool to read back thru them all, as I copied and pasted them from Facebook to here.  Yehovah has been really good in the last six months, and I praise Him for all He has blessed me with.  I have much to be grateful for!!

In my c/p to here, I’ve not edited out typos that occurred when posting from my mobile.  I also didn’t c/p  most of the questions that every list ended with, “My grateful list for today, and yours?”

Here are the things I’ve been grateful for these last 6 mos.

July 5, 2012
Ok Jessica, I’m going to join you 😀
Grateful list for today – Boys who slept in this morning after a late night of fireworks. Cool night air that was cold enough to warrant covers last night. Swimming in the quiet lake at dusk. A full day ahead – the beginning of the end of my “career” as a book-keeper/accountant! An empty sink. Boys excited to waterfight with their uncle Caleb today. Joy in the Morning. A God who fights for me!

July 6
Early morning chiropractic adjustments that help us recover from weeks on different beds, Little boys’ cuddles, Their excitement over getting ready for a party, a chance to celebrate my big boy, Sabbath is coming & the rest it brings!! That’s my grateful list this morning, and yours??

July 7
Sabbath is here! A Good night’s sleep. Boys playing happily. A day to completely walk away from the stress of all that is on me right now and just be with YHVH! Blue Skies. Birdsongs. A birthday party that went well. What I caught of the message at Vineyard of Yahweh last night. The fact that that message will likely be uploaded, and I’ll get to listen again, with out the live stream buffering issues. Scripture to dig into and understand more fully. YHVH’s protection and Love.

July 8
Long slow swims in a quiet lake, kitties on my back porch, finishing a business tax form to find their estimates were FAR exaggerated and the amount owed is very manageable; safe drive thru the gorge that was basically smoke free (Chilhowee Mtn is burning hence the concern); Good food while celebrating the soon arrival of a little one, Time spent with the mom-to-be, dark chocolate covered strawberries; driving my 27 yr old SUV back home with old fashioned air conditioning – ie. stopping on the side of the lake, jumping in, clothes and all, then getting back in the car and driving on down the road with the window open 😀 ; that my little guys, tho sick now, will not be sick forever cause Momma has the necessary items stocked to help them recover quickly! That their daddy did a great job taking care of the constant puking last night during their sleep over. A cool house to bring them to; being one day closer to not being a book keeper ; a full week ahead of cousins and fun for the boys (provided the boys get well quickly) and hard work on paperwork for me. Yeshua’s Shalom.

July 9
Eldest on the mend who kept down two meals today, quiet but productive mornings, two good choices for accountants, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh peaches, Cousins, speed naps, a house full of kids, an uncle who just happened to have a few fireworks to ease the disappointment that Daddy was sick and couldn’t do them, Grandpa/Dad is Home!! sleeping boys; one day closer – and He will give me the grace to get all needing to be accomplished in the next 3 days! Spell to Write and Read seminar is on for the SE NC location next week – super excited to start it with Aiden after I learn the ins and outs!

July 10
Little guy seems to be on the mend, his illness giving more time to prep for Thursday; a decision made – a consulting/bookkeeping duo hired, one day closer, “Grandma Camp” and their trip to the creek for tubing that the big boy got to join in on, my sons’ hugs and kisses, cool enough night to open the windows, dishes done ala Grandpa, leftovers, the strength for a new day, the sleep that is coming, Yeshua’s love!

July 12
Because I was staying home with a sick little boy (mild fever/cough), I got almost everything done for today’s appointment yesterday. Since 3 had gone before, I knew what to expect, and therefore when I started feeling weak with a headache could prepare for what was coming last night. I didn’t eat much yesterday, but had drank lots of water. That when I woke this morning unable to function, we were able to reschedule today’s appointment (which means more time for me to tie up a few loose ends that unexpectedly I found yesterday! ) Grandpa is home! Little boys slept in till after 9. A grandpa who gets up, sees that the Momma is down, and sets about making breakfast, and giving supplements to little boys with yucky coughs – He didn’t know he was leaving one mission field to work in another! Rain and overcast cool skies – perfect for my day. The necessity of laying flat (or pass out) means I get to listen to teachings that I’ve been really wanting to hear! This will be over soon, and I’ll be back in the saddle for next weeks training and the appointment to hand off accounting. One day closer. Yeshua’s Love! A daily alarm with a beautiful ringtone reminding me of my desire to surrender all to Him.

July 13
I was hungry, and ate breakfast. My fever is gone. I slept well, as did the boys. I got a new patient appointment for Mathias for TODAY this morning, and am hopeful we will find some answers to why he’s still coughing. the Dr’s website looks amazing in terms of being a good fit for our family! Aiden gets to go with Grandma and cousins to the pool. Sabbath is coming! I have a Sunday ahead to finish those loose ends before Tues night. One day closer. Yeshua’s provision and love!

July 14
It’s Sabbath!!! A dx for my littlest one (asthma) and meds and a direction to go on getting him well, and potentially some answers on the bigger one’s “allergies”. A little extra time to juggle meds, breakfast and packing this morning. I will get a chance to rest today! A new phone that I’m excited to put into use. One day closer. One day I don’t have to think about the details – so thankful for Shabbat! Blessings in news from a dear sister – prayers have been answered on several fronts! Brave little boys, their hugs and concern for each other. Family that helps fill in the gaps. Yeshua’s love!

July 15
Passion for life, and for my family’s health. Dear friends who push me to see what I’ve not seen well before. One more day to prepare. One day closer. Time to clean the house. Grandpa’s who do what needs doing just because. Camp “Grandma”. Breakfast by my Dad. Delicate Pink Flowers. Yeshua’s provision. My grateful list today – and yours?

July 16
Boys asleep before 10. A clean living room and boys room. A clean back porch thanks to the boys’ Dad. One more day! Learning new things. A great group of Homeschool Moms. Understanding why Spell to Write and Read makes sense on a philosophical/political level. The Cleansing Blood of Yeshua. His promise to be my Warrior. That the dark valley is often the journey to a much better Land. That I can trust that for dear friends. That tho distant, I’m part of a congregation where His Spirit is Alive and moving, and I get to hear how my friends are moving and growing as part of it, and in take part in fellowship. Sleep that will come shortly. Big little boy hugs and kisses. Lovely sunsets. Incredible parents who help out so much!

July 17
I made it thru today with under 4 hrs of sleep. Learning much in my classes – super excited that I’ve found Spell to Write & Read – it’s based on pre “dumming down” america principles were introduced to education, and I know my boys will be well educated with it and Classical Conversations! The Pass-Off has begun! a couple more weeks to complete, but it’s started! A better diagnosis for my boys – well, not better – more accurate, and in line with my suspicions. Antibiotics called in and started. Tools already in my “toolbox” for such a time. A Daddy and Grandparents dedicated to helping the boys (and I) in the midst of all the chaos. YHVH’s grace. Yeshua’s healing & forgiveness. Sleep that is coming shortly.

July 18
Confirmation that Pertussis is not an infection to be afraid of, but to be managed well. Knowledge that my boys are going to come thru this illness with stronger immune systems, immunity for 30+ years (vs the 3 years sorta that the vaccine gives) and that No thing which comes against us will prosper – not even illnesses!! Weapons of warfare – both spiritual and physical. Good friends who give encouragement and direction in just the right time/place. A little boy who is already coughing less and has more color in his cheeks. … another day of learning Spell to Write & Read – So glad my cousin told me about this curriculum! Being home before 6 pm. A chance to test drive what may become my car- for a week and 1/2. Seeing YHVH work in the midst of our pain. Little boys who ask for prayer and feet rubs. My True Husband, Yeshua’s love. Rain on the metal roof as I fall asleep in my dry bed.

July 20
Today is Friday. Tonight is Sabbath! We made it thru another night, with a decent amount of sleep. Today is my last class. Tomorrow I get to sleep in.
The smell of lightning, the sound of rain. Extra sleep for my boys. The personal interest and power which YHVH invests into each of our lives.

July 21
My boys slept thru the night! Little guy didn’t have ANY coughing fits in the night!! He did have a few “whoops” this morning, but that was short lived. A smile on His face, which is no longer white. It’s Sabbath. The coolness that the Lake promises today. A day with my boys after going, going, going all week. Grandma & Grandpa who took the reigns of child care all week – on a hard, sickie week. That the meeting on Tues went well, and accounting is being passed off. The anticipation of putting all I learned this week into practice. The anticipation of getting my “office space” aka ‘the dining room spilling into the living room’, and my room thoroughly organized in preparation for the start of school. An otherwise clean house. Late night thunderstorms, early morning fog and the sun starting to peep thru. Good conversations with other Mom friends that are a blessing to every one in some way. Yeshua’s Love! all of His blessings!

July 22
A lovely day on the lake yesterday. Good teachings. A day to start catching up on life. A midmorning nap. A big brother’s concern for his little brother. Coolish breezes. Yeshua’s love.

July 23
Serene lake. Not another person around. Early morning swim. My little guy’s cuddles. Mischievous smiles. Developing character and personality in my children – Mathias’ personality especially is showing up in oh so endearing ways lately. Chocolate hidden in my frig. Another day to make a dent in playing catch up. Bright yellow farm fresh eggs on my plate. Made up songs my boys sing. Yeshua’s touch.My grateful list this morning – and yours?

July 24
YHVH answers prayers. He’s in the business of restoration. He uses every situation in our lives to grow us and refine our characters. I can trust Him to do this in my life, and in the lives of those I care about. That letting go and surrendering to His work in us is the Most freeing thing I know. That He will answer prayers.
Boys playing happily together. We are one day closer to them being well. The lake calling our names. Others to walk with on this journey. Spirit led knowing. Hope. Dreams. His Timing.
Yeshua’s love.My grateful list for today – and yours?

July 25
Early morning swim after I slipped past young sleeping fishermen (whose lines were still cast from the pier), sunlight filtered thru the clouds sparkling on the water, mist rising. A full night sleep for my littlest guy! Grandpa to help while I was out swimming and getting groceries. Frivolous expenditures that put a smile on my face. A stocked frig, and farm fresh corn to be shucked and eaten today. That YHVH is in the business of writing redemption stories, and He writes them on our hearts every day. He is the Elohim of Restoration! I can trust Him with my wounds and my hopes and dreams, and with my friends & their stories. Yeshua’s love!

July 26
Mathias slept thru the night for the second night in a row! My dad felt better today than he has all week (possibly because he started dosing the Vit C when it arrived yesterday?) and was able to stay with the boys while I went to see my Grandpa in the hospital. Being able to anoint & pray for Grandpa, and sing to him, to offer my touch & YHVH’s shalom to him. Seeing aunts & uncles and cousins that I’ve not seen in forever! A safe drive home with younger brother tonight. Boys’ hugs. Confirming introspection. Seeing how YHVH has led thru the past 5 years since I offered to stand in the gap. Answers to prayer on so many fronts. Healing of hearts, Restoration by His hand. Yeshua’s love. HalleluYah – He is good!

July 27
Sabbath is here. My boys are asleep. I went to see my grandpa yesterday. I can see the floor in my bedroom 😀 . The boys’ lungs are CLEAR! (cough still but no lung congestion). Mathias’ coughs are shorter and less frequent. Cherries. Good friends. Phone calls and emails. Popcorn & smoothies. His restoration. Collecting Puzzle Pieces. Worship streamed from The Vineyard. Good teaching. Encouragement to do what I already have been told by Him to do (Jubilee rest, parent my boys well & learn Hebrew – feel free to ask me about that in a few weeks, posting it here for the additional accountability). The forecast which says the low tonight will be 68! Sabbath! His Love.July 29
Yeshua’s love. Sabbath. Boys slow improvement. A little guy who stops his meal several times over to look deeply in my eyes, and say, “Momma … long pause to make sure he has my attention… I love you.” Boys who worked together to pick up the toys on the floor. Open Face Tomato sandwiches. Faith that this sore throat/occasional cough is going to leave soon! A new week. One day closer to being completely done. Grandpa is still with us. YHVH’s timing is perfect. Good praise music to sing, and invite YHVH to inhabit! My YouTube Favorites list that I’m listening to today. (
Yeshua’s Love!

July 30
Tender little boy hearts. A painful yet beautiful record of last night by my uncle. A chance to spend the day with my family and Grandpa. That my dad had a chance to say goodbye. That he knows I’m here, tho he can’t much respond. Thanks to some meds, he’s resting much more comfortably tonight than last. Good food with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and mom. A chance to pray quietly and just hold his hand, as his BIL recounted stories of farming. Seeing him raise his eyebrows at the mention of cows. Stories of his inventions that he never sold, but made his life easier- a bush hog before such things existed, an asparagus picker… He had such a creative mind. The honor of being close by, in the hospital thru the night. The gift of life and the honor of having been present for several beginnings and several ends. Life is so sacred… The Shalom of YHVH. Resurrection to look forward to. Yeshua’s love. Hope.

July 31
Deep and abiding Shalom. Holding Grandpa’s hand during the night watch. Early morning phone calls from a Momma in labor. YHVH’s perfect timing. The nudge’s to pray at Crucial times, including just moments before Grandpa passed. Faith. Knowing without a doubt that there was no thing unholy in the room when he breathed his last, and the sacred honor of being there. That the name of YEHOVAH is a strong tower!! Music and songs in the midst of tears. Relief of a fight that is over. Hope of the Coming Great Jubilee Trumpet. Being able to say goodbye, and whisper, “Grandpa, it was worth it. I love you and it was worth it.” Saluting him goodbye as they rolled him into the elevator – “Well done soldier”. Baby Girl Ailey, born to dear friends – such a cutie! Quiet meal of Thai with loved ones. Time to rest, relax, unwind in the park with family. Excellent food at 212 Market – original and YUMMY! Walking and talking with my mom. That I can trust the boys are taken care of by Grandpa and their Daddy while I sleep without interruption tonight. Stamina to have made it 36+ hrs with a couple cat naps. Sleep that is coming. All the answers to prayer, miracles and God timings that have come together this weekend. Deep and abiding Shalom … Yeshua’s love.

Aug 1
Uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping in. A chance to catch up with a friend by phone. Coming home to boys and the men in their lives working on the sandbox – it’s finally dug (the boys and I had started it)! Little boy hugs. Coming home to boys’ surprises for their Momma – a clean bathroom, boys bedroom and porch (with some help from their dad who’d camped out on the couch to provide childcare while I was at the hospital with Grandpa). Telling of the God timings and confirmations. Late afternoon swim, early evening thunderstorm. The Overwhelming Peace still lingering from the past few days. The incredible places of healing and answered prayers. Long conversations with My Daddy.
Yehova’s love.

Aug 2
Sleeping in. Getting some nagging things accomplished. Unexpected txts from dear friends. Little boys bare bottomed glee in the kiddie pool and jumping on the trampoline afterwards 😀 Long talk with a dear friend and new momma. Cough suppressants. Our kitties showed up again. Sleep that is coming. Knowing that tomorrow night, I’ll be writing from the Mtns of TN!! Sanity break of mountain tops, fellowship (with a surgical mask worn for their protection) & solitude that I desperately need. YHVH’s Timing. Yeshua’s love.

Aug 3
Little boys’ “good mornings”. Friday. Grandpa on the ball, ordering sand for a sandbox. Grandma to watch the kiddos. Safe, worshipful drive thru the mountains. Ingles bagboy who braved the rain to unload my groceries so I didn’t have to get soaked. Cough drops. Fellowship and worship with Vineyard friends tonight! Answered prayers. Good food. Late night visits with a dear sister/friend. Cool Mountain air, cicada’s and peepers out my window, the moon peeking from behind clouds. Good writing. Plans for time with Yeshua on the mtn tomorrow (and with friends later too). Sleep that is coming in my own Bed! 😀 YHVH’s love and perfect timing.

Aug 4
Sleeping in, in my own bed, under the mountain sky. Feeling well, even if I have a cough. Driving mountain roads, especially the scenic route off my mountain. Entering into the Cloud. Raindrops only in the trees. Blowing Fog on the Mtn. A room with a view. Time alone with Him. Dear friends. The fog clearing, and the sun coming out. Excellent fellowship and time to just soak in the sun and wind and life and rest. Hidden huckleberries. “Little Brothers”. Help removing my room. Supper and fellowship behind the wind break. Watching the clouds roll in. Worship & things to be thankful for. Chilly wind to hike down in. Winding scenic roads. A glimpse of fading color on the way home. Shofar echoes on the mtn. Spending time at home. Sleep that is coming in my own bed. Yehovah’s Perfect timing and plan for us each. Yeshua’s love.

My Grateful List for today (I could have summarized it in one word – Today. Or Shabbat 😀 ) – And yours ??

Aug 5
Bird Songs & Crickets. Sleeping in. Waking surrounded by Golden rose. Feeling better, coughing less. Clean floors. Dancing space. Cherries. A clean carport. Good music to work to. Kari Jobe, Casting Crowns, 10th Avenue N. Lots of Alone thinking time space under late summer skies. That I can trust YHVH’s timing & sovereignty. Late afternoon help from a young friend. That it was just two 5 ft snake skins, not two 5 ft snakes that we found. That the mouse nests were empty (thanks to said snake?) Bonfires made from the remains of a sweat lodge. Early evening thunder storms. Torrential rain on this mountain. A plate of good food, finished of with chocolate – chili & super dark – yum. Fellowship and conversation. Dancing in impromtu worship to Praise You in the Storm- one in the kitchen, one in the living room…while the storm raged outside. YHVH’s presence. Clean kitchens. Rest. Another absolutely perfect day! YHVH’s most excellent love and timing.

Aug 6
Waking in gold blush and looking out to green (pics later). A clean house. Daisies and black-eyed Susan’s. Arranging for further work to be done. That YHVH’s will will occur, and I can trust Him for the timing, and direction on my house. Driving scenic roads. Rushing streams. Peaches from the peach stand. Cherished time with a dear friend. Good lunch. Swapping stories. Grandparents!!! Safety in the rain. That I was driving the more dependable car, and not the one that almost lost it’s tread today! Blog post tumbling in my head. “Journey of Desire”. Rainbows just as I entered the valley. Help from the boys’ dad to settle their hearts tonight. Long talks with My Dad – I do so love my Daddy! The entirety of the weekend. The space for my heart with a mix of alone time and fellowship.
YHVH’s incredible timing and sovereignty! Yeshua’s love…

Aug 7
Sleeping in after a hard night. A happy 4 yr old, who dressed himself! Details coming together. New tires. Watching my boys play in their new sandbox. My little monkey. Music. Only a few small details to wrap up and I’ll be officially out of the accounting business – handed over a huge chunk today! Sharing life and conversation with my Momma! (I love you!), Strawberries in my salad. Teenage brothers. Dashlights on my 26 yr old 4X4. Lightning over the town at night. Grandpa who took care of the boys while I was out this evening. Sleeping boys. It’s not midnight yet. Sleep that is coming.
YHVH’s love, timing and sovereignty in the details of our lives!

Aug 9
Falling asleep in mid thought that I wake up still thinking. Happy boys in the morning. Gas deliveries. Organic produce readily available. Time to think while working. Creative boys. Dirty floors that tell me of an active life. Spiritual Warfare. Children asking for seconds on dinner. Good teaching and good music. Reminders of the past which in turn are reminders of YHVH’s goodness. That the past is, the past. More opportunities to let go, to process, to heal. Expectant Hope! Extra eyes to see in those walking with me. Kitty cats’ purrs. The ability to get it down on paper. Freedom. Yehovah’s Sovereignty which can be trusted in the personal details. Expectant hope. Yeshua’s love.

Aug 10
That YHVH can be trusted. Little boys who played happily while Momma worked. My Norwalk. Gallons of organic vegie juice made. Time to think. That it now feels like an official summer, since I spent all day until late in the night at the kitchen counter and sink. Fiery Sunsets. Peaches to preserve shortly. Good teaching. Andrew Peterson & Casting Crowns to listen to. Clean linens. Clean dishes. Shabbat is coming. Dawn breaking. Early morning naps. YHVH’s perfect timing. Yeshua’s love and strength to carry me thru the next couple of weeks.

Aug 10
A little bit of sleep. My dear old Trooper might have a bit more life in it before more costly tinkering. Boys who mostly played happily today. 25 Qrts of peaches canned. Processing vegies gives lots of time to process heart stuff. That YHVH will carry me thru the next month as I face painful dates and “one year ago today’s”. Grant Andrew’s Deep Brewed life album, and live concert recordings, especially “God of Restoration” and “Carry Me”. Boys help in the house. Vacuumed floors. Live Streamed fellowship with Vineyard. Joyous announcements. Incredible sunsets peeking thru the rain clouds. Bedtime stories and Boy’s requests for cuddles. Sabbath is HERE! Sleep that is coming. Confirmation that my intuition is right. The Spirit’s leading. YHVH’s timing & incredible love!

Aug 11
Boys cuddles. Sabbath morning joy. Finished blogs. YHVH’s sovereignty. Midafternoon naps. The word “go”. Driving scenic river roads. The Cherokee story. Viewing Meteors from the high places. Cool mtn air blowing across my face. Comfy warm sleeping bags and cozy hammocks.Yehovah’s perfect timing, Yeshua’s love.

Aug 12
Dancing under the Milky way. Cool night breezes, waking in the pre-dawn. Sunrise and early morning on the mountain heights. Songs I’ve never sung before. 8 second shofar echos. Hammock swinging. Camp breakfast by Dad. Juncos and Swifts. Spring water. All of Creation, which sings His praise. Butterflies and flowers. Driving the Parkway. A dog’s welcome. Naps. YHVH’s sovereignty. His timing is trustworthy. Big suppers to fill the mountain induced hunger. Purring kitty. Boys adventure. Sleep that is coming. Not coughing. YHVH’s timing, and how well He has carried me! Seeing life thru “enchanted” eyes. Sweet Surrender. Yeshua’s Love.

Aug 13
Sleeping in uninterrupted. Time and space to write. Little boys tender hearts. Young one wanting cuddles, even thru supper. Prayer and Shofar blasts bringing peace. Quick naps stolen in backporch hammock amongst children’s play. The absolute silliness of Tom & Jerry. A big bowlful of salad for supper.

Aug 14
Little boys cuddles first thing in the morning. Happy playing thru most of the day. Conversations with a dear sister. The hope of promised future. Peaches in jars on my counter. Kisses from the littlest while I was working. Leftovers. Short nap after lunch. Internet service. Blogs finished and posted – therapy for sure. YHVH’s hand in my life this past year! Humanity. Code word “Bridal” ( wow! that was a serious number of views in one day on my blog stats. It’s all in the name, evidently…LOL) Dishes in the dishwasher. Clean laundry to be folded (it’s better than dirty 🙂 ) Wildlife sightings by friends. Encouraging words of Him exchanged across the miles. Good Music. Honesty. Hope. Surrender. Pecans. Chocolate. Wine. Chocolate. 🙂 Chocolate. Sleep that is coming. YHVH’s timing! Yeshua’s love.

Aug 15
Morning drowzings under soft covers, while boys play happily. Longtime friends, whose lines have etched joy on my soul. Being seen, clearly. Beauty and Love overwhelming! The sheer goodness of YHVH in my life this year! He is my Beloved. Loads of laundry completely done and put away. A pile of clutter gone, and in it’s place, this year’s school curriculum. A little guy who has taken to sniffing me, and makes me laugh outright with some of his 4 yr old adult expressions. Heart shaped rocks, presents from my eldest. YHVH’s sovereignty in all things, especially the trials of life, which make us stronger and propel us into more abundance of heart & character. Gifts & provisions for the heart & needs of a friend. Walking in His Calling. Joy bubbling. Dear friends to walk this journey with. Yeshua’s perfect timing, and plan for my life, and for the lives of all those I’m privileged to walk with! That He’s going to carry a friend thru this night in His arms!

Aug 16
Cool mornings. Rest. A Clean kitchen. Spirit filled conversations with a dear friend. Confirmations and words of encouragement offered both ways. Renewed sense of calling. I can see my bedroom floor and dressers!! Clutter removal. A new momma’s pride and love for her infant shining thru. Boys who ate food they didn’t think they’d like. The strength to face the difficult. The wisdom of YHVH which has led me so many times. My dad’s pride. Spirit ordained connections. YHVH’s timing, Yeshua’s love.

Aug 17
Early morning quiet. Purring kitties in their carry case. Provision for our needs and wants. Needed nap time as I finish kicking this bug. Made up games with little boys. A dent taken from my pile of paperwork. YHVH’s timing will be perfect and I can trust that, even if I’m not fond of what it looks like right now. Another class scheduled next week to finish up the requirements. Details coming together for the next couple weeks, which includes vacation – starting (hopefully) in the Mtns of TN and ending at the beach! Shabbat coming! Needed Shalom. Grandpa’s who do a great job taking care of little boys and getting them in bed while Momma’s gone. Further confirmation to the ways YHVH created me as a “classical thinker”! The strength to have been “me” thru school, even tho Me was opposed to the standard model of education. YHVH’s leading me to a great curriculum with the intent, at it’s core to create thinking men and women who will further the cause of Yeshua wherever He calls them to go – from digging ditches to Statesman. Men who will be Paul’s in the world, Women who will be Esther’s. The boys’ father’s desire & choice to be part of their education, to be all in, even as a single dad. A Homeschooling friend considering making her own Grateful list ;). Seeing several “friends” here on FB making their grateful lists. Quiet house to come home to. Padre’s love and support. Catching a bit of the service from The Vineyard of Yahweh, even if not in real time, but a couple hours delayed, before heading to bed. AND that the sound is picking up much better on the new equipment! Hearing the quiet testimony from a man about his wee little one. Dancing it out to Holy, Holy. Truly Shabbat Shalom!! Going to bed with the strains of “live” worship music on my heart. “Oh, how He loves us… Oh, How He loves us!” Yeshua’s timing, Yehovah’s love.

Aug 18
A good night’s sleep. Little Boy cuddles in the early morning. Boys’ love for Hannukah Candles… even in daytime, in August. New songs of Praise to YHVH. Good teaching & fellowship with others, even if from afar. Mid day naps. Jessica Lynn’s grateful list ;). Warm sun for laying in. Cool lake. Solitude in the still water. His Joy. A friend’s good day, and plans to see her soon. Good food. Excellent worship. Moving testimonies of following YHVH’s culture and plan for our lives. Time to spend with my Mom! Her fierce love. Boys who almost made it home after a long day without crying. Being able to Trust YHVH even when we don’t see the path clearly. Yeshua’s timing. YHVH’s love.

Aug 19
Waking before the boys. A bit of Morning quiet time. The Incredible testimony of Love Awakened – so inspiring, and very confirming that Yes! YHVH’s Love and Timing and Sovereignty can be trusted (even if my details look different – the story will be, beautiful because YHVH is the one writing it!) Youngest waking happily & hungrily. Making a huge dent in the pile of paperwork. Knowing I have the Best Curriculum that meets our needs the closest. A balanced checkbook! A handle on what I have yet to do this week. A bit of downtime. A new little life entered the world today! Sunsets. New Moon Celebration. 7 second shofar echos across the hills and lake. The depth within Hebrew. Dear friends who share life & inspiration with me, knowing my heart! Sleep that is coming BEFORE midnight :D. That His Mercies are new every morning, and I can trust this, when I set out on a 1.5 hr drive at 7 am in the morning tomorrow – to then sit in 4 hrs of training! That tomorrow I finish the last of my portion of details.
Yehovah’s Love & heart for us, Yeshua’s timing.

Aug 20
Lovely drive past a lake with the fog rising. Arriving on time despite an accident ahead. Lots of affirmations that Yes, we’ve done Much to lessen the negative effects of divorce for our children & some good direction on navigating the next couple of months. Seeing clearly & “Naming” where I’m at in the process emotionally. Very helpful class! Visiting with a dear friend, her newborn and children. Such a precious little girl!! Safe travel home, with more time to process and further “Name” or identify what is going on within my heart and healing – which leads to BIG praises to YHVH for His leading in my life! Having the permission to share the “weight” of the Glory YHVH created me to reflect as a woman. Coming into the place of walking fully in my Femininity and Calling, without shame or trying to hide Me. All the friends in my life who have called “Me” out, by offering their own strengths & stories in beautiful, redemptive ways. Choosing integrity. Being able to stand on my parenting choices without regret. Yeshua’s Love & Perfect Timing!

Aug 21
Cold nights. Eager boy faces in the mornings. Good conversations with them First partial day of school went well, Mathias’ eagerness to be like brother doing school, Aiden’s eagerness to help Mathias succeed. Aiden getting the concept of cursive – seeing how it’s connected to manuscript. Living with my truth and choices. Good connections. Getting some business done. That I’ve learned to Allow myself to feel, vent, but wait on Him to act. Beautiful Sunsets. Good, & unexpected news – deeply appreciated. The prospects of being at the beach next week. Knowing that the work is being done on my house. Looking forward to being in TN this weekend. Dishes in the dishwasher. Yehovah’s incredible timing, Yeshua’s love!

Aug 22
Cold nights and cozy covers. Little guy saying, I wanna give you a great big hug. 2 weeks of pancakes tucked away in my freezer, in prep for vacation. Stress resolved. Eager little boy’s faces from across the table as we learn our memory verses. Almost ALL of those annoying accounting details done! Partial Day 2 of school a success, Weekend & transportation plans coming together. The prospects of fellowship two evenings in a row – one inside, the other outside with water and fire involved. Ocean Beach time coming. Yeshua’s timing and love.

Aug 23
My life has found it’s new normal – or as much as it can… The smell of baked bread fills the house… It’s been almost a year since I last baked bread. Buying it has been easier, even if more expensive… Grateful for the smell of fresh bread today!!

Aug 23
Little one falling back to sleep after cuddling up with Momma, a day full of life, Baking Bread – one more part of my heart restored, Hearing my boys say their memory verses, and seeing my eldest excited that he’s “getting it” in re to the foundations for cursive, Tracking down that shipment and knowing I can pick it up before we leave, Laundry folded and into suitcases, CC orientation – it’s good to see everyone, and look forward to a good year! Having my boundaries respected – even as they are changing to facilitate what’s best. Dishes done, Moist stay together bread cut and ready for vacation. Bob’s Red Mill – hearty Whole Grain GF bread in the oven – Wow that is some incredible aromatherapy! The closest to Rye I’ve tasted in GF – and it will be all for Momma! 😀 Dependable transportation for the beach. The weekend coming and all the incredible friends & conversations it will hold! YHVH’s incredible timing, and Love!!

Aug 24
Letting boys sleep until the last possible minute. My package was at the PO at 8:30 and had everything we needed! HalleluYah! Momma kitty is finished with surgery aftercare and doing well. Boys who helped straighten up the house before we left. That I packed like a girl, and still fit it all in the car and was on the road by 12:10. Despite the fact that I was stopped I once more did NOT get a ticket 😛 . Safe arrival, on time, all business accomplished! My house looks wonderful! Still a work in progress, but new paint, shrubs trimmed, and drain lines installed looks really good! Being able to run crazy into a friend’s house, drop all belongings, change and we all back out, all while talking a hundred miles a minute, and She gives me a delighted laugh 😀 Worship with Vineyard. Managing Shalom thru a first. Healing I can count on. Spirit’s Moving. “Promised water”. Meaty subject, good bits to chew! Supper with friends. Conversation with a dear friend. Anticipation of all the beauty tomorrow will bring with friends. YHVH’s timing and Incredible Love!!

Aug 25
Sleeping in a bit, Breakfast served – what a gift! Peach/Basil Jam on almost rye bread. A trip up the mountain, boy I love that drive! Walking with friends. YHVH’s land. Fields of gold taller than my head. A chance spotting of a beaver swimming on the river bottom. Cold water. Shade and Girl talk. Sharing life, and the incredible way’s YHVH is working in my life. Late summer wild flowers. Time and space to just lay on a blanket in the shade and be. A tad bit of exercise. A very young friend who played so well that he fell asleep on the way home. Having packed like a “girl” means I can change clothes 3/4 way thru my day LOL. S’mores fixings are easily procured (supper too, but chocolate gets to top that list!) Perfect timing. Readily available firewood. Fire-pit built on the beach. Breathing deeply of Sunset over the water. Good Food. Fellowship. The act of blessing, and being blessed in the midst of Spirit gifted friendship. Evening drives with the windows down, and my hair up. Dear Heart friend to chat and eat more chocolate with. Another Beautifully perfect Sabbath!
YHVH’s Sovereignty and Love!

Aug 26
Despite experiencing residual trauma shaking early in the morning, and adrenaline pumping thanks to raging driver behind me midday, by mid afternoon, my heart had come back to Shalom. Seeing, in early morning, the internal places needing reclaimed. That I can trust YHVH for when. Purple twirly skirts. Music to lounge to. Chili Chocolate for breakfast. That tho some plans fell thru, YHVH’s plan is sovereign and the day and the friendships it contained, were again, pure gift. Tinfoil wrapped corn – the sharing of story & heart that went into it. Helping build a fire in the midst of quiet strength and more sharing. Walking thru a highland meadow. The smells of cows, a little one resting. Beauty all around. The sound of shofars echoing off the hills. Queen Anne’s lace wreath tied in the hands of a dear friend, and adorning another’s royal brow. Old farm sheds and gates and gnarly posts. The bravery of heart in the telling. Being “girls”. The joy and growing within iron sharpening iron. China and silver on an outdoor table, fireside. Scrumptious food, and incredible company with which to share. Shalom. Driving mountain roads while hearing another’s heart. The coolness of my mountain. Little boys playing “go fish”. Working out the details well. Respected boundaries and discipline backup. Resonance of YHVH filling this place. The interior house painting project that I started years ago, is being finished up..the hall, bathroom, trim and kitchen will all have a fresh coat and the rest will be touched up shortly. The hall and bathroom already look wonderful. Little boys who need Momma cuddles at bedtime. That I get to sleep in my own room, my sanctuary tonight. A hint of red on my shoulders reminding me that yes, I spent the day in the sun. Anticipation of being at the beach by tomorrow’s end. Yeshua’s timing and love.My grateful list for today, and yours??

Aug 27
Waking with the mountain breeze lifting my hair, The surrender of Prayer at the beginning of a new day. Seeing lots of paychecks in the held mail and knowing that YHVH always provides. Traveling mountain roads thru scenic mountain towns. Playing” go fish” with the boys, to help them stay happy in the car. That I have boys and their needs are easily remedied with short exit side stops. Time to think…
THE KNOWING that the time I have with EACH FRIEND – near or far, in person or by phone – IS PURE GIFT. SO THANKFUL FOR THE MANY “GIFTS” IN MY LIFE – heart so full !
Catching up with one such friend despite dropped calls thru the day. Being able to listen, encourage and also share my heart and be encouraged.
Sunset on the water. Beach driving. Little boys’ absolute delight. Time to share the weekend’s blessings with my Mom. Playing on the beach under the moon with two wound up sons and my awesome “little” brother. Shofar blasts and Waves in chorus.
The Family Members who made the next two weeks of beach front play with family, possible. Thank you!!!
Moonlight and the sound of the ocean.
YHVH’s Sovereignty & Incredible Love and provision!

Aug 28
I actually slept last night, despite little boys’ feet and other appendages buffeting me in their sleep. Time to just be, to just play on the beach with my sons, Sunshine, the fun of driving on the beach enjoyed again, necessary or not so necessary items available locally at a grocery store – including GF Graham Crackers for smores’ and GF doughnuts. Chocolate, Space to write a bit, Easy supper,Little boys who wanted momma’s loving touch as they drifted off to sleep, In Home theatre in this grand place, “Shall We Dance?” and the memories of a snowy day in CO in 2007, when YHVH asked me to dance with Him into serious surrender, and the way He Re-wrote “The Book of Love” in my head, The wedding rings He gave me that stand as stones of Remembrance that “Yes, His love is enough for me” and “He is delighted in me.” Tears that come in the remembrance. The sound of rain on the glass. YHVH’s incredible Sovereignty and Love! That He does write redemptive stories, and my life is just one beautiful example.

Aug 29
Waking to see the rain was almost over, and the skies were clearing. Little boys saying their memory verse. Vacation means impromptu naps are A-OK. Reminder that yes, love cups need to be full, to make necessary discipline an easier pill for young hearts to swallow. Ross Campbell’s take on Parenting. Watermelon and salt – don’t judge, it’s good! Chili Chocolate. That my younger brother broke his wrist and not several things – and wow that kid has a serious pain tolerance! We had ice in the freezer. Beach time. My boys’ Fearless attack of the waves as tide was coming in! Mathias’ absolute glee, and not being phased, at all, by water in his face. The sight of Aiden standing and searching for the next good wave to ride to shore. Ocean “baths”. Kari Job on the iPod while cooking. Help in the kitchen. Boys’ good appetites. Boys who fell asleep quickly with a back rub. 82% Chocolate from Mom. 😀 (yes, chocolate is on my list twice :D) Laughter. A walk on the beach under the nearly full moon. Yehovah’s love and excellent timing!!

Aug 30
Waking to another beautiful day at the beach. Being able to track down that surprise withdrawal, and getting other business behind me. Time on the beach with my boys. Sandcastles and wave jumping. Lunch and a bit of down time. Pooltime, Sunshine, Conversations with extended family. Full Moon rising. Flourless Chocolate cake. Tired boys. Chats with dear Sisters. Dancing off big emotions on the beach, under the Blue Moon. The texture of sand and smoothed shells. Surrender – So hard, yet so sweet! A midnight swim. Joy. Release. Shalom. Falling asleep in Yehovah’s arms. Yeshua’s love and timing, which I can trust, even on days when it is desperately hard.

Aug 31
Beautiful morning – moon sinking rose red, sun rising bright red…. Lots of sunrise on the water pics, then a dance upon the beach. I’ve already had a good day! Headed to the beach in a few… Blessings all 😀

Aug 31
Waking early enough to see the moon sinking and the sun rising. Alone time on the beach in the early morning. Dancing to Kari Job. Little one’s happiness to be with Mom. Sharing my joy thru pictures, in hopes that others will also be blessed. Several hours on the beach, building sand castles and playing in the surf. Napping with my littlest one. More beach time waiting for the tide to come in anddestroy the morning’s castles. Grandma to watch the little guy so I could get out far enough to not touch. Swimming in the ocean. Learning to boogie board. Lots of sunshine and water and salt and ahhh…. Sabbath. Shofar echos across the island. Full moon rising. Cuddles with the big boy. Boys asleep by 9:15. Long walk on the beach with the absolute Best “little” brother, Caleb, mostly in tidal pools. His eye for details. Shimmering waves. Dancing to “Love came down” – feeling like I could dance for hours… Monica & family have arrived 😀 Yay for sisters!! Wild horses bedding down just outside my bedroom. Yehovah’s Sovereignty & Love!

Sept 1
Sleeping in just a bit. Activities planned for the kids, which gave me downtime to finish writing a blog post. Floating in the ocean, catching up with my sister. Naps. A fun photo shoot, with lots of great pics. Adventuring with the kids in the Subaru. 6 Foxes and innumerable crabs. That tho we got stuck, we didn’t stay stuck. Making memories with the kids. Charades with family. Yehovah’s love.

Sept 2
Being wakened by YHVH after only 4 hrs of sleep to catch a gorgeous sunrise. Wild Horses close enough to touch. Blogs posted, pictures posted – the witness they give to YHVH’s incredible Love and Plan for my life!! Ocean time. Big waves to ride. My boys’ courage in those waves. A nap to catch up after a short night. More beach & ocean time. Dancing to the Beach Boys Karaoke while fixing supper with my mom and sisters. Worn out boys in bed and asleep before 9 pm. Karaoke fun with family. A walk on the beach with my Brother. Flirting with the waves, Dancing on the beach, in surrender to YHVH. Yeshua’s love and Yehovah’s sovereignty.

Sept 3
Waking to little boy cuddles, Beating the rain to the beach, never-stopping, serious waves to try out new skills (it was fun, despite the several “barrel rolls” I took – complete with total sinus cavity saline flush), rain on the beach – I like it as much as I like rain and fog on the mountain 🙂 , a theatre room for the kids to have some down time in, afternoon Karaoke – from old school heavy metal to country (complete with cowboy boots 😀 and slaughtering at least one Garth song) to “oldies” … Late afternoon sun to soak in, Boys asleep before 8:40 pm, that my story encourages others, Selah’s songs to dance to on the windy, misty beach, sweet wine with 86% seriously dark chocolate, Sleep that is coming before midnight. Yehovah’s sovereignty and incredible love and blessings.

Sept 4
Waking early. Contented little guy. Horses on the beach. Dancing in the early morning sun. The incredible way that the ocean spray mist filtered the sun’s light today. The glow was magical. Beach time. Riding the waves, even if it was from waist deep to shore, not from shoulder deep… Incredibly powerful waves and the beauty they create. Safety for all playing in the surf today. Cuddly naps with a cranky little boy (we were both out in under 10 min). Bed head. Taking pics of my sister’s family in the early evening glow. Clear communication. Melancholy times that remind me He’s not finished. A deserted moonlit beach at midnight. Long walks with YHVH at high tide. Caress of wind and wave upon skin. Yehovah’s love for me, and the fact that He holds me when I cry. He is my “Hero”.
Yeshua’s love & timing.

Sept 5 & 6
Sunrises & sunsets. A beach without cars and with LOTS of crabs just over the VA line at the State Park. Afternoon beach time in the sun. Riding waves with my eldest. Helping my youngest “jump” them. New Family Pictures photo op thanks to BIL (pics posted soon 😀 ). Watching the sunrise while cuddling my eldest. A bit of a nap this morning after being wakened at 6:15. In the midst of tragedy, Yeshua holds us and still takes care of the little details. My cousin and aunt were packed and out of here within an hour. My cousin’s husband is ALIVE, not paralyzed and is responsive tonight!! A bit of beach time before the rain hit. Standing in the rain on the sand. Pride & Prejudice. Car is packed. Late night walks and dances on the beach. The past two weeks.
Yehovah’s incredible love and timing.

Sept 7
Dancing on the beach at sunrise then riding a couple last waves (in a dress 😀 in low tide waves – I would not recommend such attire in high tide or ripcurrents! 😉 ) to say goodbye to the ocean… Family prayers, love and send off. One more trip down 5 miles of sandy beach, Low traffic at 8:30 in the morning on the Outer Banks, 4 bear attempting to cross the road – one Momma, 3 cubs, captured two on film, sorta… The prayers of friends on my Uneventful & Safe drive home, Conversations with friends to keep me awake and alert; boys with their dad, who’s a year older today, for the weekend – meaning down time and prep time for me heading into our first week of school. Sabbath! Sleep that is coming in my own bed, without sharing it. (the boys and I shared a king bed the last two weeks. It started with me in the middle, but I quickly found myself wakened many times by two boys in their sleep… so then they stayed where they were, with a pillow between, and I moved to sleep across the foot of the bed. It worked, but I’m grateful I get the bed to myself tonight! 😀 ). That the ex-surfer was right, and it is entirely possible to skip showers if you are in the ocean every day – hair needed washing in the sink, but I smelt great, and my skin is oh so soft after two weeks of salt baths :D. A lovely tan and sun bleached highlights in my hair.My cousin’s husband, Jeff, is talking today following his accident yesterday!!! (prayers still solicited for TOTAL HEALING!!)Two weeks of PURE GIFT from Yehovah, made possible by way of family. Honestly – I was kinda dreading the “dates/anniversaries” of August and September, BUT – I’ve had a whole month of conversations, interactions, friendships, experiences, places that have been PURE GIFT for my heart. He’s been showering me with love in incredible ways!!! I am blessed beyond measure and can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings!!!
Yehovah’s love and absolutely PERFECT timing!

Sept 8
Sunrise. Yehovah’s incredible goodness to me. Many, many pictures to proved how good He is, how blessed I am. Good teaching on the Feast of Trumpets, which will be here in less than 10 days! Shabbat Rest. Rainy Days & Being in PJ’s most of the day. Dear Friends to chat with. Music for my life. Pictures of my little family. Break in the rain enough for a walk. News that Jeff was walking some. Restoration of Relationships & a Fellowship/Ministry – the bravery of the leader to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong – we must have YHVH’s LOVE!” – Absolutely stunning!! The intricate ways in which we are made by our Creator. A project as a memorial to the incredible way in which YHVH has held me in the past year. The Joy He brings.
Yehovah’s Love, Sovereignty and Timing.

Sept 9
Sleeping in, A slow quiet day. Therapy in remembering YHVH’s love & blessings, Letters written – details of family meetings and moving forward into the new normal shaping up, Plans for the weekend shaping up. Sunshine & cool fall weather. The way that Yehovah has led & loved & healed me in this last year. He is just incredible!!! a cuddlebug kitty, and my cuddlebug boys. Cool night air. Sleep that is quickly coming…
That I can trust Yehovah with my life and all aspects of it.

Sept 10
First day of school successful, Spiritual battles won. Learning that Jeff Johnson is out of the Hospital, walking and recovering well!! Some work done, Therapy project for my heart nearing completion. Surprise naps. Surrender. My story is blessing others. Blog shares. He is the God of Restoration!!! Prepped for Co-Op tomorrow. Sleep that is coming, if I can get my brain to stop. Good thoughts of YHVH’s love that don’t want to stop.
Yeshua’s Love, and Timing!!

Sept 11
Good first day at Classical Conversations. Time with just one little guy in the afternoon. Naps and cuddles, play, creative building & wrestling with him. A boy’s bedroom cleaned. That the big boy had a good time fishing with his dad, even if they didn’t catch any fish. Plans for a family meeting set for Wed. My project completed. Yehovah does restore our hearts!
Yeshua’s Love & Timing.

Sept 12
My project from this week 😀 A Memorial to YHVH’s incredible Love and Restoration – one year, my life, in pictures. Praise Him!!!

Sept 12
Sleeping in after a wakeful night, a Jeep for sale that is now detailed, another day of school successful, provision to pay bills with. Yehovah’s incredible hand in my life, Grant Andrew’s music & my “stone of remembrance” project completed and uploaded (link below), Apologies. A family meeting that went well. A big boy’s heart that has been set at ease. That Yeshua will completely heal both of my boys’ hearts in the perfect time, and the perfect way, and will keep them from making ugly agreements along the way. That thanks to mine and Rudy’s choices, our divorce process, tho difficult and not without hiccups, has been the best we could have asked for (praying that continues to the end, and beyond). Grass fed beef meatballs for supper. Scuppernongs for late night snack. Plans with family & friends falling into place for the next days and weeks. Yehovah’s Love, which has kept me alive! His perfect timing and sovereignty too!

Sept 13
Boys who woke up happy. Sleeping in. School finished by 1:15. A little boy who despite his protests, settled down and really practiced doing his best in handwriting, Robotics team that my boy is so excited to be a part of this year. A dear friend’s call, and that she knows me well. Some overdue house work done, and finally unpacking from the last trip. A trip to pack for tomorrow. Fellowship with The Vineyard of Yahweh tomorrow, and with several dear friends planned for the weekend. Blog shares – this week 3 different people have shared my blog, my testimony to the incredible work of Yeshua. I’m so glad that other’s are being blessed by my words and tributes to Him, that “Permission to be Woman” has touched such a place needing healing in so many women’s lives!! Jessica Lynn’s bravery in beginning to tell her story. That the God of Restoration will heal her heart too!!! That I can trust YHVH with my life and all it’s details. The gift of excellent friendships. That my boys will get to go camping this weekend.
Yehovah’s love & sovereignty!

Sept 14
Boys up and off early for camping, Everything done by noon, A beautiful drive with space to dream. Conversations with Dear Friends. Looking forward to Camping for Sukkot creek-side (saw the camping area today – can’t wait!) Catching up over supper with Shannon. Fellowship at The Vineyard of Yahweh – so, so sweet! Worship and dance, words from YHVH to my heart that brought happy tears, The call to come out, to prepare as the Bride of YHVH, testimony and a call to choose YHVH above all else in all our decisions, teaching on the Fall Feasts, catching up with fellow believers, confirmations from and sharing with a lovely bride to be. YHVH’s Gifts just continue!!! 😀
A day ahead to spend with dear friends, in fellowship, on a farm, in the mtns… Shabbat Shalom!

Sept 15
Waking early to spend time with a friend, breakfast and good conversation. A short flight over land I love to attend a self reliance expo, followed by similar flight back, windows down and music up to drive up the Mtn, the ways YHVH leads, sweet fellowship over supper and fireside, confirmations, Passion for Truth worship which brought dancing and tears, and teaching which also brought tears, and laughter. That YHVH will continue to heal my heart. Gentle prodding to walk in the “new me”. Shabbat shalom and rest that soon coming.
Yeshua’s love and timing.

Sept 16
Sundays grateful list: fresh mountain air,waking with the sun, back country roads to dance and walk while reading. Spectacular veiws. Fellowship with a dear sister/momma. Dancing with YHVH. The freedom to be me in the prescence of others. Leftovers omelette – yum. Anticipation of good things to come for each of us as we follow Him. Kindred spirit friendships. Rain on the water. Geese floating in the mist. My mtn home. Falling asleep on the sheepskin with the logs flickering. Further confirmation. Sharing life with my mom. Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb, the song and the album. Sleep in rose gold.

Sept 17
11 hrs of sleep, waking in the comfort of my own bed, quiet of green surrounding, Leaves just turning, 5 hours with one of my best-ies, New Moon, beginning of the 7th month and feast of Trumpet’s beginnings! YHVH’s covering and authority over my life. Blessing others. Rain clearing. YHVH’s presence, Praying with and for a dear sister. The Freedom YHVH has for us. Sleep that is coming, and His protection in the early morning as I drive. Yeshua’s love and sovereignty.

Sept 18
One year ago today, on this day of the week, (tho the date was my actual birthday) I was sitting in a motel room, going over the details of the court hearing I would be in the following morning….
Today, I’m grateful that – we settled out of court & set up good boundaries, with the boys’ best interests truly in mind. That Yehovah is the God of Restoration of our hearts – He’s after our hearts individually. He also restores shalom, even in the midst of hard and awkward relationships. I’m grateful – big picture, for all of the above and more, in regard to how He has led, healed and released from bondage this last year!For today – itself.. I’m grateful for:
Early morning showers to wake the mind, a safe 3 hr drive home in the rain, a phone call with words from Elohim & prayer along the way; power naps, All that my boys are learning in Classical Conversations, An afternoon with my big boy; My Mom & My Dad, who love me and celebrate YHVH’s feasts, and my birthday, with me, Dear friends who drive long distances, and bring other dear friends to celebrate too. Shalom comes, even after fearful moments. Campfire & only a few sprinkles and clearing clouds. Sharing life. Seeing the New MOON!! Shofars’ harmonious calls across the valley. Strawberry almost “cheesecake” coconut milk ice-cream and gluten free brownie bites. Little guy who can’t get enough of momma hugs after 4 days apart. Worship in song, fellowship in sharing, the blessings of prayers offered. My Momma’s hospitality. Boys in bed, a clean kitchen. Being proud of my Papa! That Joy really does come after the mourning, in the morning of our lives!
Yeshua’s love and incredible timing and Sovereignty, that we can SOOooo trust!!

Sept 19
Waking early, the smell of campfire still lingering, breakfast at Mom’s – always good, never go hungry! Conversation and fellowship to boot! Birthday blessings a day early. Pink. The hearing and sharing of story, even the uncomfortable. Friendships with the “mothers” in my life which richly bless.
Boys play and Mommy naps to manage the o’dark thirty wet bed wakeup call of last night; another day of school successful; Travel safety and YHVH’s favor; Words to write – the theme seen (blog coming). Remembering Rich Mullins & His Music (some of which was Sunday’s music while I walked), on the eve of his death 15 years ago – Not grateful for His death, so very grateful for his life, and his music, and his words. Roses on my table. Knowing that birthday celebrations will not be a one day event, but will stretch over several weeks – and camping is on tap for at least a couple nights 🙂 . All of the ways YHVH’s led and blessed and loved this past year. That it just gets better from here 😀
Yehovah’s love and timing.

Sept 20
Sleeping in with a cuddle bug of a boy. Birthday wishes galore. School done without too much fussing. Knowing I’m loved. Words of blessing and love in cards and wall posts and phone calls and private messages. Knowing my Daddy is proud of me (he lives with me, he knows the good AND the bad! 🙂 ). Robotics class, which makes my big boy very happy. Dinner with my Mom. Her love. Naps to sleep off a food induced sedation. Long talks with my Dad. GF brownies bites & homemade Ice Cream. Clearly seeing my “next thing” and knowing I can trust Yehovah to lead me step by step, as He has so often in the past. His incredible love and timing!

Sept 23
Two days spent remembering the life of my Grandpa. Growing up in a family of Sabbath keepers with family worships, especially at sunset for the beginning and closing of Shabbat. Music. Passion for Life. Joy. Faith, Hope and Love… Saws, Hammers and Squares… Tools I have, within and without, which are beautiful legacies from my forefathers. For pink & pearls to bear witness to the healing of the not great legacies. That despite the hard, the bad, the ugly, YHVH restores. For abiding Shalom, and being able to have said, “Well done, We’ve run the race, We finished the course.” For family and friends, for prayers and love. For A harmonica and a whistler both which made us pause for a moment, thinking it was Him doing the blowing and whistling. For little’ one’s questions, and the quiet telling and reassurance from the adults who love them. That as my children & their cousins grow, witnessing death & burial; talking of it freely, able to cry as they need, and getting the closure they need; they won’t fear death, they won’t wonder, they will understand in the midst of their broken hearts and eventually, They will be able to offer their love, comfort and strength bedside in the dying, as we have, and yet, even in all of that, their hearts will ache for the Earth Made new, just as do ours. The shalom that the Shofar ‘s resonance brings. Knowing that at that Last Trumpet, we will see Grandpa, and Grandma, and others again. YHVH’s incredible love, and perfect timing…

Sept 24
Sleeping in a bit. Chats with a friend. Chiropractic adjustments. School that went well, if slow. That I still have 2 more cars than I really need (and that one of them will sell in the perfect time). Little boys and mud. That despite wrestling in prayer with plans for Sukkot now for several weeks, the details all dropped into place today. The equipment, life and energy to go camping for a week with my two boys. The space to do so safely, with fellowship to boot.
That just as YHVH answered my prayers for my grandpa, He will also answer my prayers for another dear family member.
Yeshua’s love and perfect timing of the details of our lives.

Sept 26
I’ve been having a hard time coming up with the words for my grateful lists the past few days – due, I think, to burning the candle at both ends and getting it too short…

YHVH meets us each where we are. He is patient and so kind to move us gently. Even tho Yom Kippur is not going to be all that I might envision, He will meet me in the midst of it and I can truly Rest in Him, for He is our Sabbath rest, on this Sabbath of Sabbaths!
For organization, even if it came in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Chiropractors. For boys playing happily, cuddles during worship, and that on the hard days we still can get the foundations of the three RRR’s covered, plus our CC memory work without too much time spent.
For Sukkot plans that came clear right on time. That what had been a concern, I realized tonight is actually a relief. Small is good… deeply good.
Conversation with a dear friend of the heart that I’ve never met, being encouraged and being able to encourage. The beauty of how YHVH works in each of our lives.
Fellowship with others tonight. Seeing a dear Brother & Friend -the first time I ate a meal at that very table with him was something like 30+ years ago. Answered prayers.
That YHVH will answer prayers, that He is after our healing and restoration, one heart at a time! We can trust our loved ones to His healing touch, just as we can trust our own hearts to Him too!
That tonight, as the Day of Atonement passes from night, to day .. we can rest in Yeshua’s covering atonement, we can offer ourselves to Him in all our weaknesses, to heal these broken vessels that we are, and that He will heal us completely, in His perfect timing! He will completely prepare us, as a Bride, prepared for Her Bridegroom!

Sleep that is coming very shortly…

Sept 30 (not really a grateful list, but I’d been camping for the weekend…)
Sunday morning – half of the loop, coyote hunting mice, deer, turkey, mist.. Parsons branch 🙂 and the Tail of the Dragon. Fun morning all ready and not yet home. Happy new week all.

Realized, today, as I drove a one lane “not improved” forest service road (I’ve driven much worse), that it is absolutely wonderful to be perpetually in-Love! The “Joy of the Lord” can’t help but bubble up when one is in Love with YHVH!! 😀

Actual list for Sept 30
I’m grateful for – another week of school successfully completed. Little boys and their inquisitive natures (even if that means half of the bug spray found it’s way out of the can, while they tried to figure out how compressed air works). Friday evening drives along familiar roads. Phone calls and catching up after a going, going week. Conviction from Him. Very little set up required when camping as a party of one. Supper already prepared when I arrived. Late night walks thru quiet fields under the nearly full moon. Hay bales and 6 second shofar echoes off the mountains surrounding the cove. The whiney of horses in a nearby pasture. Wet grass tickling bare toes. Restful sleep. Morning’s light and firewood to be found, and also kindly gifted, on a drizzly morning. Slow drives sightseeing. Mountain music to dance to, Gospel to sing with. Lazy afternoons with a friend. Evening chats fireside. Beautiful early morning drives. The joy of seeing nature in all it’s glory… of driving back roads, and splashing thru creek crossings, and winding thru tight curves… Packing to go camping. Conversations with those who love me and look out for me. That our last remaining kitty was not the one the neighbor’s dog captured last Friday night (praying she is never his prey!). Boy’s joy, hugs, cuddles, and excitement to be going camping. That their dad cut their hair this evening. That YHVH has given us the grace to do this divorce well, keeping what is best for the boys at the forefront of our interaction… The boys really do get the best of us … and they didn’t before…
That YHVH is so good to show us what step next to take, and that I can trust Him. I can trust where He has me, even if I’m unsure about things.
Yehovah’s love and timing. That tomorrow evening the Feast of Tabernacles Starts – the Forever celebration – Him WITH US!! And He TABERNACLED Among us! ♥

Oct 1
Sleeping in a little, Happy boys on waking, The packing went smoothly & it all fit into the car. Safe, uneventful and timely travel. The Well. Shared hearts. Good conversations with my sister-in-love. Confirmation. Arriving during a break in the rain. That I didn’t HAVE to set up a tent in the rain. Yummy Supper provided. Boys playing hide and seek. Hearing how YHVH is leading in the life of one of my favored teachers. Sleep before midnite.

October 5
A house to stay in when it was raining, a night in the tent now that it’s not. A beautiful Sukkah to eat and do homeschool and fellowship in. Conversations with depth. The incredible work YHVH is doing. Anticipation of good things to come. Family & friends coming for the weekend. Shabbat is almost here. Sunrise and small campfire in the early morning. That we got 2 Shabbats in one week this week, and then again next week with the first and last days of Sukkot. YHVH’s orchestration. That we can trust His Fire. Yehovah’s love and sovereignty and timing.
My grateful list for this week – It’s been a beautiful week, there is SOOO much more I could say, but for now, won’t…. Other than to say, He Who began the good work in me will be Faithful to complete it! I’m excited to be in the midst of that! 😀

Oct 7<
Early Morning fire. Shabbat Prep timed well. Fireside songs at the beginning of Sabbath. Fellowship. Family. Family in Yehovah. The Joy of Sukkot. The harmony of Shofars echoing across the valley. A Sukkah PERFECT sized for the group on a rainy Shabbat. Learning more about His Rhythm and life abundant. Yehovah’s leading and words and blessing and orchestration. Seeing “The Body” work within my family and friends. Yehovah’s victory in the 3 am hr. Good food. Jalepeno Jelly. Steaks after a long hard bike ride. Fall Colors. Misty rain. Shalom. Yehovah’s provision. Alpaca wool ponchos. Hot Showers. Warm Dry clothes. The Hospitality of dear friends. Two days left in the Feast of Tabernacles. Knowing WHY Israel seemed to extended the feasts to two weeks, when they finally celebrated them – I get that!! Having fun with others enjoying a God who loves a party. This next week is going to blow my socks off. His refining fire can be trusted and so can the friends He has connected me with to walk alongside me, and to have my back… even with a big old boot :D. Bedtime prayers.
In EVERY THING, Yehovah’s love and sovereignty and timing can be trusted! That walking in obedience to Him pays off…
His Love and Provision and Protection…

Oct 11
I have so much to be grateful for! Even on the days when I’ve not posted… I’m full of thanks to Him. His healing, timing, direction is absolutely beautiful! I’m grateful for friends to walk with me in the journey, to push me in such grace and love that I’m overwhelmed by how tender His Fire of refinement truly is.
I’m grateful for lovely blue skies in the morning, and a ceiling of stars at night. For campfires and conversation. For outdoor shelter and beauty. For good food, warmth and rest. For little boys learning to be Princes in the Kingdom of our Father. For the call to be their Momma in His Way. For a dry tent & cozy bags in the chilly night, with those little Princes sleeping soundly beside me. I’m grateful for obedience, for direction, for blessings, for deep, long needed healing & deliverance, for repentance, for tears and joy and laughter and smiles and delight – mine and others’.
My life is in the midst of Deeply Good, Deeply Restorative… I’m so very grateful! … for such a time, as this… His timing is perfect! HalleluYah!

Oct 12
The ways of YHVH, and how He changes our plans, when we are willing to listen to Him, and wait on Him is Amazing! I never would have imagined what He had in store for me this week – I had completely other Plans for my week, and next. But, He’s outdone Himself once again! He told me last summer what my “next thing” was … the next thing He had for me to change and grow in within my character, the next act of refinement that He had pre-ordained for me. Tis amazing to see Him working out the details of that refining of my character!

Oct 14
Freedom… from so many subtle but treacherous things, including fear. Boys adjusting and their learning of incredibly valuable lessons. Insight into my heart, and theirs. Shabbat Shalom. Friday evening fire. Bath rather than shower – tis a luxury. Quiet Sabbath morning. Good teaching. Good food. A riverside drive amongst the Golden leaves. Boys play. Ice cream. Worship & Dance. Fire cooked meals. Jim Staley’s testimony from Sukkot. As He was summarizing at the end of his sharing, I thought – wow, it’s almost like he was sitting here with us… We’ve had the SAME conversations! That my eldest heard YHVH’s voice in the midst of tonight’s service, and responded with a true heart and prayer. The changes I’m making as His Momma are paying off in rich dividends! The grace and love of those walking me thru these changes – for me, and my children! Fireside fellowship… and getting lost in the flames. My camera. A canopy of stars. Nighttime Prayers.
That YHVH’s consuming fire is trustworthy. Yehovah’s love and impeccably beautiful timing!

Oct 16
I have so much to be grateful for – way too much to list on my phone. One thing is limited internet for the next few days :). What are you grateful for?

Oct 24
This grateful list is going to cover about a week….Yehovah’s refining fire, Others to walk with me in the midst of it, Evenings fireside (I’m completely spoiled after the last few weeks of “camping” and enjoying “campfires”! Next house I own NEEDS a fireplace in it or at the very least, a firepit outside! 🙂 ), Friendships forged in the love of Yeshua, talks till midnight with friends and family, Fall colors, being in my mountain home during the peak there, Extended family reunions, Safe travels; Space to relax, rest and dream of something way bigger than my story; Personal designers, Closure in my story, Legal finality, Anticipation of whatever Beautiful Yehovah has for me ahead, Shalom, The Love of Yeshua which allows us to walk in shalom, Meals with dear friends; Those heartwarming, make you laugh/bring a tear messages on my voicemail from dear friends of the heart; Safe travels to home; The “Bling” that YHVH adds by way of friends – around my neck or on my bed waiting to be opened on the exact perfect day – He’s just cool like that to add the extra finesse!
Classical Conversations, Getting back into routine… and Getting to continue walking in the refining fire as I put into practice all YHVH has done in my heart and mind in the last 3 weeks. The strength and courage He gives! A new day at home with my little princes.Yehovah’s love, incredible timing and sovereignty! That I can trust Him to take all I want and need and turn it into something beyond anything I could have imagined, and while doing so, grow me beyond my dreams – answering my prayers in ways so complete that I just sit back and say, Wow, thank you!! He is absolutely the Best Father and Husband and God I could ever want!!

Oct 25
Pre-sunrise wake up call with cuddles, A good start on Spell to Write and Read, I was able to get ads for my jeep placed, Getting to share some with a friend, That my boys’ education will teach them to think and articulate well and will prepare them for whatever YHVH may call them to do or be, I have no reason to say that I have nothing to wear, Some unpacking got done, I was in my bed before 10:30 (even if not asleep). My alpaca poncho still smells faintly of fall air and wood smoke 😀
YHVH’s love and beautiful timing!

Oct 26
Sabbath is here! Sabbath is here! Sabbath is here! Ok… so aside from that – A good day with the boys, best of the week. Aiden’s excitement with his Spell to Write and Read class. Mathias didn’t fuss thru his quiet time (a first since we started it). No one was stung by the many wasps on our back porch today. The living room is in a state of shalom rather than chaos, and the bedrooms are even tolerable tho there is still a bit more putting away needing done. YHVH’s provision. Laughter. Catching up with a dear friend. Sleep that is coming.
Yeshua’s love and timing. That His plans for us are GOOD!
Shabbat is HERE! 😀

Oct 28
Boys cuddles, love and a backrub, Boys having a weekend with their dad, Good teaching, Conviction, A brisk several mile walk with my Dad, The chance to write, the work YHVH has done in the last month – and is continuing to do, Knowing where I belong and where “Home” is even on the days I feel like an exile, the unreleased song “Homesick”, Bits of time with my Dad thru the day, Those endearing moments that etch themselves into one’s memory for a lifetime and bring a smile every time you remember, Friends across time and space that created those memories, More time for writing, Laughter, Sleeping in on a rainy day, Breakfast of eggs and taters courtesy of my Daddy, topped with 8Pepper jelly, a day ahead to prep for school AND more importantly, a day to read and continue working thru the stuff YHVH has for me to face.
Yehovah’s love and incredible timing in every aspect of our lives.

Oct 30 – not exactly a grateful list, but close…
Excellent afternoon – Lots of tower building & destroying, a serious cacophony of tin whistle, a pretend fight with toy bowling pins as swords, more block fun, tickle fights … augmented by country music, cause I’ve had Rainin on Sunday running thru my head since I woke or maybe since I woke to rain on Sunday, and figured I’d just go ahead an get it out of my system. LOL. Now to make breakfast for supper – It’s pancake time 🙂

Nov 2
Sabbath is here. The week went well, we’re getting it, slowly… Aiden’s delight in seeing himself succeed and actually read and write a sentence in cursive and not be afraid of it or shut down!! He’s going to get it and truly understand! Mathias’s cute little face and I love you Momma, A clean back porch, Fellowship with long time friends, and my mom, pictures of the snow from NE TN & WV and hearing the silence of the snowy landscape thru them, Zoe made it thru 40 inches of snow with power the entire time, How Yeshua is working in the lives of my friends and loved ones, that obeying Him is worth it! Seeing friends making their Thankful lists for the month. The song “Homesick”, Long Sabbath evenings, A big clean tub to soak in, A weekend ahead with YHVH, That I can trust his Love, Sovereignty and timing!

Nov 4
A quiet weekend, Long hot baths, Time to read, Time with my Mom, Sleep, That I’m in less pain tonight than I was in this morning when I woke, thanks to two back adjustments today, Time with the ladies while children and their fathers had a go at their robotics project, a half waxing moon coming up, Time change, a new week to continue walking out all YHVH has for me, Faith that the trials of this week will be conquered in His plan and timing,
Yehovah’s timing and love and and that I can truly trust Him, especially as I face my fears, and allow His Love to transform me, deeper into Him.

Nov 9
I so love Shabbat Erevs!! Quiet Sabbath time with my boys. Slow candle lit suppers, dancing in the kitchen on their request to worship songs, a clean house, boys’ drowsy, I love you moms, sleeping quiet house, hot baths in the big tub, the love of friends by chat or phone, Shalom… beautiful Shalom!! Happy Sabbath all!!

Nov 16
Shabbat rest. A full week. Long walks. Challenging reading. Hot baths. Boys learning, and enjoying it. Being at ease enough that the difference is noticed. Finding some answers, or at least some options to pursue. An afternoon lake adventure with my big boy. Memories of my childhood on the same lake. Bouncing boys. Fellowship with friends and family. Having a car, or two to drive when one isn’t working. YHVH’s provision. Birthday haircut and pedicure, even if it is almost 2 mos late. Family to help out with those little details of childcare and etc. That tho it came as a change of plans, I have an extra two days at home 1- to rest and keep walking out the Healing Yehovah has for me and the second to prepare for holiday traveling. Two nights child free, to charge up for the next week of travel and fun. The ways YHVH is moving in my life, and in the lives of others. Friends far and near – whom I think of, cheer for and pray for even when we’ve not talked in forever, and that I know they are praying and thinking of me, and cheering me on as well. That the daughters of two such friends are going to be baptized tomorrow!
Yeshua’s love, timing, sovereignty, patience and strength. His gentle kindness when my heart feels raw – that He is the Master Physician and Surgeon. That I can do all things thru Him, His mercies are new every morning, and I get to choose to trust that what He says really, truly is true!

Shabbat Shalom!
My grateful list for the week. 😉 And yours??

Nov 22
Safe travels from NC to TN to mid WV to the edge of WV/OH. Visits with dear friends, sisters of the heart, loved ones and all of my immediate family. A bit of snow left in pockets of shade for my boys to play in. YHVH’s timing in the midst of unexpected visits, Late night pajama parties, Arriving in time for boys to play with cousins and to catch a matinee of Lincoln, Playing fun card games till midnite. Laughter.

Safe travels from NC to TN to mid WV to the edge of WV/OH. Visits with dear friends, sisters of the heart, loved ones and all of my immediate family. A bit of snow left in pockets of shade for my boys to play in. YHVH’s timing in the midst of unexpected visits, Late night pajama parties, Arriving in time for boys to play with cousins and to catch a matinee of Lincoln, Playing fun card games till midnite. Laughter.
My grateful list for the last few days, and yours??

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Love having all my family together, What a treat to have my entire immediate family in one house 😀 Mostly I’m thankful for the healing that comes with the Love of YHVH – He’s pretty awesome! Who’da thunk some 15 years ago Thanksgiving that we’d be here hanging out together in my sister’s house!

Nov 23
Thanksgiving with family, Cousin’s play, walks around the blocks, everyone pitching in to make meals work, sharing life with those I love, Freedom in Yeshua, Getting to choose to walk a new path, Remembrances of childhood in watching A Secret Garden, “Driving by” visitors for breakfast & fellowship, Seeing my sister’s classroom, Family to take boys out biking, while doing a little shopping with my sister. Nothing like a distribution center clearance shop of seconds to browse – Good clothes, great prices, and really not busy. Down time, Good food, quiet music, candles flickering, children sleeping, Shabbat Shalom!

Yehovah’s love and provision!
My grateful list for the last two days, and yours??

Nov 26
Quiet Shabbat Rest, cousin’s play, time with family, afternoon naps, Passion for Truth services, a good nights sleep, help loading my car, Safe travels, Conversations with friends that remind me of things I knew but had forgotten their application, Laughter from FB interactions, Home, Bath and my own bed, Boys sleeping in, then “sneaking” past my room to not wake me even as I cocked an eyebrow at them, boys play, easing into a beautiful Monday, The reminder to follow Yehovah’s calling, My purr box kitty cat, a new day, a new week, into the homestretch till winter break from school, anticipation of Hannukah and all that YHVH is doing, Knowing that His plans for us are for good, and that I can trust His timing and direction in all things!
Yeshua’s love.

Dec 7
WooHoo! Newly made plans for the weekend set. Get to go spend some girl time and celebrate New Beginnings with a dear friend tonight, then Start Hannukah off right with excellent teaching and fellowship tomorrow, and back home by Sunday midday in time to Celebrate the first night of Hannukah with my boys, (while their dad heads off to celebrate it much more like the Maccabeans did with battle and cleansing)!! All with LOTS (10 hrs worth) of beautiful country mountain roads to drive in between. It’s going to be a delightful weekend!

Dec 9
46 hrs, 3 states, 10 hrs of driving… divine appointments, celebration, joy, laughter, tears, “Jesus paid it all”, good teaching testimonies, shalom, encouragement, fellowship,His faith, hope & love. And home safely. Its been a great weekend and it ends with Hannukah’ s beginning! Looking forward to party in a couple of hours!

Perfect end to a great day – Glow stick tag – Players all have glow sticks, “It” does not. What fun with Grandma, Grampy and Uncle Caleb! Finished up with regular tag and a beautiful in the dark dance with glow sticks to “Dance with Me” by Paul Wilbur. Now home and bedtime.

Dec 13
Ok – it’s been far too long that I’ve not made my grateful lists…

Hanukkah, a break from the daily routine for a slower pace, a crazy full but excellent weekend that left me wanting to sleep much and the opportunity to do so, a chair fort and a lego castle/trio block fortress both in the living room that tell me my boys have awesome imaginations, a small group fellowship to spend time with every week..
Yehovah’s provision, His Love – both for me, and thru me; that facing the hard and making the decisions for the greater good has paid off. I was reminded this weekend, in sharing my testimony, that most divorces don’t have the amount of Shalom as mine has and I know it’s cause we both made decisions to follow 1 Cor 13 Love as best as we knew how. YHVH’s Word and Love does not return void!
I’m grateful for the Revolution that I call LOVE, which has so shaped, from High School forward, who I am today; and which has gifted me with some of the most beautiful friendships & fellowship as I’ve journeyed since.
Lastly, that no weapon formed against us may stand!!! In Him, there is freedom & liberty… even in the hard.

Dec 14
A batch of pancakes made. Dishes washed. Robotics to challenge my boy. Fellowship. Seeing His hand in the lives of others. Being encouraged and encouraging. Rest and sleep. Frosty mornings, a faithful dog, Early morning walk, prayers and surrender. That I can trust YHVH with all of my life, that He has good plans for me, and all of those that I love, and we can rest in His good will! Little boys cuddled together in the early morning sunlight. My littlest guy’s oh so cute grin and wink this morning. LOL VERY NEW news of a life growing in the womb of a longtime friend – that YHVH gives us new opportunities and life ahead, even after much pain and devastation.
The image of a mikvah & waterbirth in serenity and Shalom – knowing that as He washes & cleanses us, he also brings us to birth – of new life, new ideas, new ways of reflecting Him – Becoming the New Creatures in Yeshua that He ordained us to be… the old passing away, the new brought forth.

Dec 14
New Moon sighted, boys have run around crazy in the yard, Sabbath is here, boys in their “Hanukkah” Bath… Shabbat Shalom all!!!

Dec 16
Shabbat Shalom. Home Church. Fellowship. Trampoline bouncing. Crafts and good teachings. The inspiration that Taylor Morris & Girlfriend Danielle are as he recovers from having lost the most of all four limbs. Sleeping in on a rainy Sunday. That I will hear some testimony to YHVH’s healing today. That that healing will overflow to my children.
Yeshua’s love, faithfulness, peace and patience.

Dec 18
Yehovah’s timing and patience. Good reports of Freedom and Healing – HalleluYah!! Trampoline bouncing with my little guy today. Seeing how far YHVH has brought me as I sort thru old emails and letters from 10 years ago. That while my life is full, there is Shalom these days, and very little of the Drama Llamas, Painting with my boys, A productive two days after a week of “Please hold while we Process your request”, A cleaner room; YHVH’s love and provision, I can safely trust in Him.

Dec 21
Getting excited about vacation week now! Boys will be off in under an hour, Packing for me yet to finish, but then it’s off for fellowship & time with friends for several days (while not celebrating as we once did) – can’t wait!! Plus it’s Sabbath tonight! And just after I get back, my sister will be here, and I almost have the house ready for their visit. And it’s cold, and actually feels like winter, and tho I might not see snow, my boys likely will. Yay!!!

Dec 23
My heart is full
Save driving, Snow for my boys, Shabbat, Bread and New wine with which to welcome it; Worshipping with like minded believers – two services in one day. Conversation and Rest. Dancing with a new wee one in arms – oh the joy! Dear Friends to encourage and be encouraged by; that I was here when that call came – the Divine appointment in it, Card games, Evening prayer-time, Slow mornings, Answered prayers – complete deliverance, a new order coming! Conversation and rest, Birthdays celebrated, EXCELLENT food! The Refiner’s Restoration to us each reciprocally, Laughter and sharing while driving, Hobbit with Friends, Beautiful Fellowship with dear friends, Wee Babe in arms again – he’s so sweet!! Seeing even more of those Divine appointments coming into play, Seeing how YHVH has used us each. Healing for a little one. Sharing the Joy of how YHVH has led, of how our stories encourage and surround and bring forward the Bride of Yeshua to ever increasing levels of purity, health and beauty. Sitting in the afterglow of His Love poured out upon the Body of Messiah. Just Be-ing in the now of His Plan.
Tis good.
Yehovah’s Love, Sovereignty and beauty.
My grateful list for the past two days or so…. And yours??

Dec 24
Sleeping in, Lazy Rainy days, unintended naps, Conversation and laughter, Learning to make Butterscotch pie and Flan from the expert Mama chef, Sharing space around the bar working together to create & then clean up great meals (the aforementioned incredibly tasty Turkey burgers topped with chutney with vegies on the side), Giggles and laughter, Excellent teaching & music, YHVH’s messages of LOVE to me personally, Conversation and prayers, Words fitly spoken to help along the journey.

Yehovah’s love, sovereignty, divine appointments and absolute blessings.

Dec 25
Time to write & pray & ponder, YHVH’s clarity and words of direction which bring Shalom, Rereading grateful lists as I compile all of them since the first week of July when I first took Jessica Lynn’s challenge, seeing YHVH’s perfect timing in my life and the joy and Shalom that comes in surrender to Him, … An open grocery store, preparations made,

“LES MISERABLES” – what a story of redemption! *tears* “To love one another is to see the face of GOD!” Will be watching it again on big screen..
Time in the kitchen with my second Mama prepping for guests, helping host another incredibly yummy meal – the flan was perfect (and not in the mature sense of the word 😉 ), conversation, laughter and fellowship.
As I prepare to start my journey home tomorrow (with a stop along the way) I’m so grateful for the time here, for Divine Appointments, for the joy of good friendships & fellowship.
I’m also thankful that I finally and fully know WHEN Yeshua/Jesus was born, I get to celebrate His birth for an entire week, while camping Just like His Parents did at SUKKOT! ; and I get to ignore a day that 13 pagan gods share as a birthday, and I don’t even miss it!! Yehovah’s calendar is so full of Joy and Feasts and Parties!! I Love Walking in it!
oh, and 22 down, 1 to go…

Yehovah’s love and provision and protection and Joy and Shalom!!

Dec 26
Total freedom, deliverance and healing that I get to walk out, direction for the path forward, Divine appointments, fellowship, friendship, lots of little biys to love, late night conversations of sharing and encouragement. YHVH’s incredible plans for us each, his love and beautiful timing.

Dec 27
A bit of sleep, Recognizing trust, seriously incredible trust in YHVH and relationships, Lots of little boys cuddles – it’s not every day I have 3 cuddle bugs fighting over my lap :D, Good conversations, Ruach speaking, Walking out yesterday’s healing, Seeing clearly the road ahead, Shalom, Taking the Spiritual into the natural, Beautiful Divine appointments, my boys got more snow to play in todaybefore their return home, Safe travels for all of us – coming from several different directions, alone time to drive, think, pray, and process all the beauty of YHVH as he works out the intricate details of my life, and the lives of my friends, The incredible things I know He has in store for us all, stashed up the sleeve of His mighty Right Hand & Arm! Home to a seriously full house (3 kids, 4 adults – now it’s 5 kids, 5 adults :D), getting unpacked and put away in record time, My own little boy’s BIG strong hugs on arrival, Time to hang out and share with family, Sleep that is coming quickly.

Yehovah’s incredible sovereignty, love, perfect timing, will and Shalom! He’s so good, SOO glad I can rest my trust safely in Him!!

Dec 28
A house full, time with my sis, Walking it out in new ways, His adorning, getting to spend time with my niece and her new art set, supper made, a clean bathroom, boys relearning Momma’s rules after a week away, Worship with family, The incredibly awesome ways that Yehovah has been moving in my life and in the lives of others!! His impeccable timing, getting to see the beauty of How incredible He has been, and knowing He will continue to be, The letter/number Vav. 😀
Rain on my roof as I drift off to sleep. Shabbat Shalom.

Dec 29
Somehow getting an extra hour of sleep, tho I was awake early – I think it had to do with Grandpa feeding the kiddos so they didn’t come waking me back up when I drifted off :), knowing that Daddy’s quiver is full, especially when he sits with his family in his ‘home’ church, seeing dear old friends, seeing the fruit of Your Story Hour yet again, as my son knows how to pronounce locations I don’t even remember being in Scripture, Good food and a full table, afternoon naps, yummy gluten and dairy containing sandwiches which did NOT make me sleepy ;), Mexican dominoes, bits of snow, finishing up c/p my grateful lists, and how cool Yehovah has been this year!!! “I hope you dance” – the song, but mostly the sense of wonder & inner joy which has been building now for at least 3 years if not way longer, the sense of expectancy of good things coming that’s been around for at least 1.5 years…
Yehovah’s love, which allows me to dance, and have a sense of wonder…
My grateful list for ‘today’ and yours??
Comments under this grateful list:
I posted about having a sense of expectancy in May of this year…

And, the last couple days, the lines, “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder” have been rolling around in my head… 
Truly – all the lines from the following song – Yehovah has made it possible in my life … This hope is true in my life because of Him!!

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 
You get your fill to eat 
But always keep that hunger 
May you never take one single breath for granted 
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed 
I hope you still feel small 
When you stand beside the ocean 
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens 
Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 
I hope you dance 

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 
Never settle for the path of least resistance 
Living might mean taking chances 
But they’re worth taking 
Lovin’ might be a mistake 
But it’s worth making 
Don’t let some hell bent heart 
Leave you bitter 
When you come close to selling out 
Give the heavens above 
More than just a passing glance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 
(Time is a real and constant motion always) 
I hope you dance 
(Rolling us along) 
I hope you dance 
(Tell me who) 
I hope you dance 
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder) 
(Where those years have gone) 

I hope you still feel small 
When you stand by the ocean 
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens 
Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 
I hope you dance 
(Time is a real and constant motion always) 
I hope you dance 
(Rolling us along) 
I hope you dance 
(Tell me who) 
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder) 
I hope you dance 
(Where those years have gone)

Dec 30
A houseful of family, A chance to write, awesome gifts of legos that keep the kids occupied using their minds to build, pretty earrings made by a friend, craft activities for the kids which give the artist in me an opportunity to paint :), backrubs, Hugs for my Momma, the prospects of maybe skiing some this winter, Time to catch up, boys asleep quickly, talk time with Diane and Dad, More time to write.
My grateful list for the 1st day of the week, and Yours???

Dec 31

Sleeping in, Breakfast by Grandpa & Diane, Time with lots of cousins – we had 8 children, 9 and under here today, Catching up, Sharing Life, Celebrating Healing, Being reminded, in the telling, of just how Cool Yehovah’s timing & plan is. It’s the little things, the little confirmations that you just couldn’t “manufacture” if you tried which tell you that HE is leading in beautiful ways! Catching Les Mis again – still beautiful the second time around, Drive time to process, Hanging out at Mom’s laughing and sharing life, attending the Brasstown Possum Drop – truly a “cultural experience” – tons of laughter involved. That tho having guests has been nice, I get to sleep in my very own bed tonight, for the first time in a week and a half. Knowing my prayers today will not go unanswered in the lives of several friends/loved ones.
Yehovah’s incredible love and the joy of getting to rest fully in Him!

My grateful lists for the last six months,  What are you grateful for??


About Beloved of YHWH

I am the “Head of Domestic Affairs” here on the mountain top. What that means is, I’m a stay-at home mom of 2 Boys, Small business owner, gardener, homemaker, blogger, planner, mediator, nurse, and so much more. My life took an unexpected and painful turn a couple of years ago, which is how I came to name my blog Shakam Boqer, but YHVH has been incredibly faithful to me, the boys and I are healing, and I am full of hope. I’m a follower of Yeshua, and my faith is an integral part of my life. Part of how He created me to reflect Him is to be a teller of the Story. I share my story, not as an exhibitionist, not for the attention it might receive, not for accolades or recognition, but, for His Glory – so that others, as they read, as they see how YHVH has led and loved me over the course of time, can be edified, lifted up, encouraged to Look to HIM, to Trust Him, to pursue Holy Wholeness with every fiber of their beings. Within this blog, I want community and conversation and interaction. I want to offer hope, and joy, and also thought provoking bits that make one look deeper into the heart of Elohim. This is my place to share my thoughts, wrestlings and just daily life. Please, please feel free to comment, discuss and even dissect & respectfully disagree. Be sure you check out Welcome & Disclaimers to get a general idea of the Blog, and what I am about: Feel free to contact me directly at: abigailmistyd at gmail dot com. Some blogs are password protected as I don't want pictures of my children pulled from my blog in a "image search" and posted elsewhere on the web. If I know you in person, or we have interacted online, and you'd like to read them, shoot me a note, tell me how I know you, and ask for the password. :)

What are your thoughts?

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