Unleavened Bread – A Sign? A Frontlet? – Cliff notes


Each year, each feast, without fail, I learn something new…  The following are the cliff notes from what I learned last year (look here for the long version) , which is still very precious to me and has to do with the following verses:

Speaking of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, YHVH says, in Exodus 13:16:
“It shall be as a sign on your hand and as frontlets between your eyes, for by strength of hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt.”

and, in Exodus 13:9,10
“It shall be as a sign to you on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes, that the Lord’s law may be in your mouth; for with a strong hand the Lord has brought you out of Egypt.  You shall therefore keep this ordinance in its season from year to year.”

Sign on hands, memorial/mark between eyes… sounds vaguely familiar… mark of the beast on the hands, mark on the forehead??? Is there a connection??

This is My Body….

In my study, I found no direct connection between the word origins, however, there is a clear juxtaposition between the True sign/mark (looking at Exodus 13 & the Deut texts)  and a counterfeit mark (mark of the Beast) … It shouldn’t surprise us that the enemy has a counterfeit!!

My next question is, Why is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to be a sign on our hands, a mark between our eyes?

Why would it be the true “mark” of YHVH?!

and, the answer, I grew to understand, goes to this

I realized that the very first Week of Unleavened Bread – from Egypt to the Red Sea – showed the entire plan of salvation… It starts with the Passover Lamb, deliverance from bondage, and the choice to follow Him in faith, into the Wilderness… where we travel, day and night, following His Cloud, His Pillar of fire. It’s a faith walk, it’s hard, it can be exhausting, but He provides.  The week comes to it’s climax with us “entangled in the land” with no where to go, and our enemy right behind us, and us waiting on the Lord for His deliverance to come… Finally, on the Last Day, the High Sabbath of Unleavened Bread – we cross over on dry land, and our enemy is ENTIRELY consumed.   Isn’t that the big picture?  Accepting the Lamb, walking by Faith, trials that test our faith, and eventually all evil consumed?! What an incredible “sign” to be infused in our thoughts and deeds!!!

What is incredibly cool is the VERY WORDS of the Hebrew Text verify and confirm this truth!!!

Hebrew has changed thru the years, as one might imagine.  To begin with, it was in “Pictograph” form.  Next it moved to Paleo-Hebrew, which is strikingly similar to the Phoenician Alphabet.  It then moved to what we know today as modern Hebrew, depicted in the examples given above.  Interestingly tho, we can often follow the letters back to their pictures, and get a picture story of what the word means!

The above covers the basics, however in the examples below, I also used “Hebrew Letters & How They Grew” by AJ Cannon-Dalbey

The Hebrew word “Sign” looks like this, and is read Right to Left:


Breaking the letters down to their beginnings, and Reading from Right to Left:

letter name – picture – meaning:
Aleph – Ox Head – Strong, Power, Leader, Yoke

Vav – Nail/tent peg, secure, pierce – can also mean hook, join

Tav – Crossed Sticks – mark, sign, signal, monument – can also mean covenant, ownership… and, of special note, just to repeat – the original picture was crossed sticks – Yes, the first “sign of the cross” pun intended!

So, the word “Sign” from Exodus 13, which is to be on our hands,  in pictures takes us directly back to the Passover Lamb – THE LAMB of YHVH !!!

The Strong Leader, who was pierced, on a cross, and by so doing secured the covenant and sealed us!!

do you notice that Aleph also means yoke? Reminds me of Someone who said His Yoke was easy 😉

And the Hebrew word for Frontlet??  Sorry, I can’t find a picture of it, This is as large as I can get it…


Breaking it down, reading from Right to Left:

letter name – picture – meaning:
Tet – Basket – Surround, contain, mud – can also mean snake, twist
Vav- Nail/tent peg – secure, pierce – can also mean hook, join
Tet – Basket – Surround, contain, mud – can also mean snake, twist
Pey – Mouth –  blow, scatter, Edge – can also mean to speak, to open, the beginning (think “in the beginning YHVH spoke and it was so”), enter, command
Vav – Nail/tent peg, secure, pierce – can also mean hook, join
Tav – Crossed sticks – mark, sign, signal, monument – can also mean covenant, ownership… and, of special note – just to repeat, the original picture was crossed sticks – Yes, the first “sign of the cross” pun intended!

Do you see it??  Red Sea Crossing??? Pharaoh, with his snake hat becomes secured in the mud, when YHVH blew a strong wind, then commanded the waters to fall again, thereby securing a sign, the signal and His ownership over His people that they were His and they were, truly, Free! 

Looking forward… That great enemy of ours, the serpent, will be secured,contained, surrounded, in the mud (in the pit?), snake that he is, when YHVH opens His mouth and commands, whereby Securing His Everlasting Covenant of Peace, Securing His ownership, and giving us a sign, a signal that We are HIS and We are Truly Free and the Snake is completely and utterly destroyed, just as Pharaoh was on the bottom of the Red Sea!!!

And that’s why the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb is our Song!!! (Rev 15)

Now that’s a promise I’ll keep before my eyes and thoughts anyday!!!  That’s why Unleavened Bread is a Sign, A Frontlet – Because, in one week, it tells Our story – both our individual stories of redemption, and the Epic Story of the entire World’s redemption, in an unfolding live drama of Shadow pictures!!!


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