I am the “Head of Domestic Affairs” here on the mountain top. What that means is, I’m a stay-at home, homeschooling mom of 2 Boys (they are in school this year due to financial difficulties), gardener, homemaker, blogger, planner, mediator, nurse, and so much more. My life took an unexpected and painful turn a few Septembers ago, but YHVH has been incredibly faithful to me, the boys and I are healing, and I am full of hope.
I’m a follower of Yeshua, and my faith is an integral aspect of my life. Part of how He created me to reflect Him is to be a teller of the Story. I share my story, not as an exhibitionist, not for the attention it might receive, not for accolades or recognition, but, for His Glory – so that others, as they read, as they see how YHVH has led and loved me over the course of time, can be edified, lifted up, encouraged to Look to HIM, to Trust Him, to pursue Holy Wholeness with every fiber of their beings.

Once upon a time, I wrote and sent emails to keep people up to date on our lives – to be able to tell the Story, but not everyone was interested in a bulk email. Next I moved to a forum hosted by Ransomed Heart, where I shared life with many other dear friends in a much more open and fluid form of conversation. I still cherish the friendships and the conversations of a forum. My hope is to meld a mass email and a forum conversation into this blog. I want community and conversation and interaction.  I want to offer hope, and joy, and also thought provoking bits that make one look deeper into the heart of Elohim.  This is my  place to share my thoughts, wrestlings and just daily life. Please, please feel free to comment, discuss and even dissect & respectfully disagree.
Be sure you check out Welcome & Disclaimers to get a general idea of the Blog, and what I am about:  http://wp.me/p1Tc3u-1

Feel free to contact me directly at: eaurore@mail.yahoo.com
There are some posts that are password protected within 2 weeks after posting. If you know me, either in person, or have met me online, and would like the password, please ask! I do that to protect my children’s pics from being used on the WWW, as I get a lot of search engine hits for image results. But, I’m happy to share our story with those I know or am acquainted with.

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  1. Hi Misty…looking forward to joining the hike with you on your hills & valleys journey…
    via blogsville musings, inspirations, revelations, good vibrations, consternations, and everything in between…There may be long stretches when I am drawn away and enter my own story’s plots and subplots…But, will check in as soon as possible…Thanks for the invite to share in this adventure…

    Blessings to you and yours…


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