Welcome to my page – the following was written in late September 2011.

Why the name?  Shakam Boqer (pronounced something like “shaw ham”, with a throat full of luggies “h”,  ”bo care”). I was looking for something to best describe where I’m at in life.  Blackberry cottage doesn’t fit, cause, well, I don’t live there any more; it is no longer my refuge, my safe place, my home. All of the posts from my old blog have been migrated here, everything posted from Sept 05, 2011 or before was originally at

As I considered a new name for my blog, I considered several factors:
First, there’s my physical location.  The house I’m in is rather non descript. The absolute best part of it, aside from 3 bedrooms shared with 4 people, and a large glassed in back porch, is the location. It’s on the top of the hill, with sunrise out the front door, and sunset out the back.
Then there’s my emotional/heart health location in which my life is very much the valley experience. Incredibly hard, dark, distressful, devastated times.  But, there is the sunrise every morning, the sunset every evening. And I have hope that the light of day will someday dawn on this incredibly difficult and painful night in the valley.
There’s also my given name, “Misty Dawn”
Last, I expect much of my writing will occur in the wee hours of the morning, when the children are still asleep, and the house is cold, dark, and still… in those pre dawn hours of “early in the morning”.

So, for all of those reasons, I went looking for synonyms, phrases, translations of either sunrise or early morning.
Shakam Boqer is the Hebrew most often translated “Early in the Morning” –  “So & So” arose “early in the Morning” is a common phrase.

Shakam and it’s definitions can be found  here:

1) to rise or start early

     a) (Hiphil)

         1) to rise early, make an early start

         2) early (as adverb)

Boqer here:

1) morning, break of day

      a) morning

          1) of end of night

          2) of coming of daylight

          3) of coming of sunrise

          4) of beginning of day

          5) of bright joy after night of distress (fig.)

b) morrow, next day, next morning

I really like number 5.  I Hope for bright Joy, after this night of distress…

The same Welcome & Disclaimers from my last blog page applies, and has been reposted here:

I won’t be going deeply into the emotional stuff that has me in a night of distress, but the basics can be found here: 

This space will be used for my theologic/spiritual ruminations, and to blog the lives of my children and myself as we settle into a new normal, in the Mountain top home of my earthly Father, and I settle into the arms of my Heavenly Father, and True Husband.  Please join us!

*Aug 7, 2012 – YHVH has been oh so faithful these last 11 mos. There are days when the pain is still present, but mostly there is light, and beauty, and love and learning and healing and growing. Blackberry Cottage is once again mine on the deed, with the mortgage being made by the mortgage holder, tho I don’t live there, it is for the present a slice of “vacation” on our trips to the area. I’m on a journey, a very good journey.  YHVH has been so very, very good – a True Husband in every way!

*Aug 19, 2015 – Yehovah is still oh so faithful, and tho the clouds have rolled over, and the night is long, there is still hope of the future, and joy, healing and growth.  The mortgage holder failed to continue to make payments on Blackberry cottage and it now belongs to the bank.  Sometimes loss is good, for it breaks further ties that need breaking.  My boys and I still face some uphill battles, but I am certain of Father’s love and provision.

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  1. Glad to run across this. Love the name…taking Hebrew so I appreciate all the new terms and Shakam is one we haven’t had yet. I am Hebrew Roots pursuant with about 7 years of study under my belt. May you continue in YHVH’s shalom, for there is no other like His.

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