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The Wedding Feast to come – Thoughts going into this Fall Season of YHVH’s Feasts


The New Moon was sighted from Israel on the evening of Sept 17, 2012, marking the beginning of the 7th month in Yehovah’s calendar AND the beginning of the Fall Feasts, starting with Yom Teruah, or Feast of Trumpets.  The Feast of Trumpets, as I shared, in “Potatoes and the Moon” has themes of both “Judgement is coming” (as 10 days later comes the day of Atonement) and “The Bridegroom Cometh”.

We celebrated on the closing eve of the 24 hr period of Yom Teruah, yesterday evening.  We’d had torrential rain for much of those 24 hours, so, to plan a picnic, high up in a mountain subdivision, on an empty lot, could be considered, I suppose, rather presumptuous, but I was praying and believing for good weather. And, we had it!  The sky had begun to clear, and the sun was actually visible for a while, as were the stars later.  Just before we sat down to eat,  a line of rain began moving toward us.  More prayer, More believing, and some blowing of shofars in faith; and we sat down to eat, and watch as the clouds in front of us and to the north simply dissipated as they hit the ridge just in front of us, and the clouds to our south moved further south, all the while, dumping rain. We caught enough sprinkles to be absolutely grateful for His handiwork in keeping the rain away!   The sun set, and we got glimpses of rose rimmed clouds as we talked over delicious food, around a lovely fire.

And then –  my Dad was the first to see it, The New MOON!!  HalleluYah! We had 15 minutes of sighting, before it slipped behind clouds.  Out came the shofars, pitched closely enough to be truly harmonious, and the call rang out across the valleys and hills below our little fellowship, and echoed off the homes in the mountain subdivision.

Each year, as I enter this season of the Fall Feasts, I have a slightly different focus, perspective, line of thought.  Three years ago, it was entering into the repentance of Atonement, two years ago, it was the tumbling house of cards of doctrines I was raised with, Last year it was the drawing of ragged painful, breaths and trying to find footing in my new circumstances.
This year… This year is vastly different.

The true Lover of our souls has been romancing and loving me so very well this entire year (just watch the video in the previous blog entry – every slide contains bits of His gifts and love from the last year)!  Yes, there’s been a lot of pain, a lot of grieving, a lot of surrender, and frankly, a daily choice to obey – both His word in Scripture, and His voice within – which doesn’t come easy. I’ve had choices to make, boundaries to hold, communication to make crystal clear, a heart to surrender to the mending, and two boys to raise.  It’s not been every day sunshine and roses… BUT, it has been every day full of His Spirit even in the midst of the hard, His Shalom which settled me in the midst of the angst.

So, it’s little wonder, that this season’s theme began for me, back at the beginning of the 6th month when I read an article about the 6th month, that of Elul, being about Love, Romance and the turning of Hearts toward one another.  Next came the incredible testimony broadcast by Passion for Truth via livestream & YouTube, of Aaron and Tricia Leu  ( . As Aaron told about Tricia’s preparations in the days before her wedding, I heard YHVH say clearly, “As a Bride prepares for her Bridegroom”  to me, as a directive.

 I didn’t take that in a human sense of preparing for a human groom, tho I suppose if I’m prepared for my Heavenly Bridegroom, then I’d also be prepared for an earthly groom as well…          But…     No, the sense was following Him deeper into the purifying process that a Bride of His ancient culture went thru.  Baths and Oils and Mother relationships and having one’s space and environment  “in order”, lamps trimmed, oil on reserve, wedding gown of pure white linen prepared for the call of the Shofar announcing the coming of the groom.
I’ll be honest to say, I’m not even sure where to start, and so, like last year, when He directed me to “Let go”, I have to ask Him, “Show me how!” 😀  And, I know He will.  I know, given the events of the last year and how He answered last year’s question – that 3 months from now, I’ll be able to look back and say, “Oh, Wow!! Look how He led me, “as the Bride prepares for her Bridegroom!” Step by Step, each building on the other, How incredible is He!”  (Start with the blog entry  roughly here, which was part of the first step, each weekend, building on the previous…, and read forward till December’s posts to see the details of last year’s journey) For now I’m just surrendering to keep putting my feet, one in front of the other, as He leads.

So, last night, as the shofars sounded in celebration of the Feast of Trumpets,

as the harmonies lifted, the message for me personally, for this year, was;

“THE Bridegroom, Yeshua, Cometh!!”

Already, since the beginning of the 6th month, He’s poured out sooo many blessings, that have truly prepared and cleansed my heart. Not in the traditional sense that we think of – when we think of the cleansing that comes in the 40 days of Repentance leading up to the fast of the Day of Atonement… not in the rending of heart, sack cloth and ashes, 21 day cleanse type of cleansing…  but in the gifts for my heart which have been gentle cleansing and soothing salve for the wounds still in the process of healing.   Two weekends in a row on Mountain Balds, Two weeks on the beach, many dances, hikes, and most of all, beautiful conversations in person and by phone or chat, with so many dear friends, new and old, & family members, including those “Mother relationships” of the bride’s preparations ; all of which have been nothing but “Pure Gift.”

Tonight, as I was thinking about the gift of these friendships, I was reminded of the closing paragraphs of the Chapter titled “The Grand Affair”  in John Eldredge’s original printing of the book, “Desire”, titled, Journey of Desire, where he writes,

“What is vital for us to grasp now, Willard says, is simply this, “The life we now have as the persons we now are will continue in the universe in which we now exist.” By all means we shall know each other’s name, not if, but when we see each other in God’s great kingdom. We’ll hold each other’s hands, and far better than that. The naked intimacy, the real knowing that we enjoy with God, we shall enjoy with each other. George MacDonald wrote, “I think we shall be able to pass into and through each other’s very souls as we please, knowing each other’s thoughts and being, along with our own, and so, being like God.” Brent used to call it multiple intimacy without promiscuity. It is what the ancients meant by the COMMUNION OF SAINTS. All the joy that awaits us in the sea of God’s love will be multiplied over and over as we share with each other in the Grand Affair.
John Donne captures this beautifully:

      All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book,but  translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translators; some pieces translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice; but God’s hand is in every translation; and his hand shall bind up all our scattered leaves again, for that library where every book shall lie open to one another.

Imagine the stories that we’ll hear. And all the questions that shall finally have answers. …  And the answers won’t be one-word answers, but story after story, a feast of wonder and laughter and glad tears.

The setting for this will be a great party, the wedding feast of the Lamb.  Now, you’ve got to get images of Baptist receptions entirely out of your mind – folks milling around in the church gym, holding Styrofoam cups of punch, wondering what to do with themselves. You’ve got to picture an Italian wedding, or better , a Jewish wedding. They roll up the rugs and push back the furniture. There is dancing: “Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men, and old as well” (Jer 31:13 NIV)  There is feasting: “On this mountain Yehovah Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples” (Isa 25:6 NIV) (Can you imagine what kind of cook God must be? And there is drinking – the feast God says he is preparing includes, “a banquet of aged wine – the best of meats and the finest of wines.” In fact, at his Last Supper our Bridegroom said he will not drink of “the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes” (Luke 22:18 NIV) Then, He’ll pop a cork.

And the people came together

and the people came to dance

and they danced like a wave upon the sea. (Yeats) “

Oh, what a day!!!  If the fellowship we have here, now, is as beautiful as it is, how much more lovely will that day be?!

My prayer, this season is:

 Yehovah, Prepare me, as the Bride for You, the Bridegroom.

I surrender to whatever You have for me in this season.

To the cleansing, the purifying, the refining, the surrender.

 Show me how;  give strength where it is needed,

humility also, wisdom, courage…

and the willingness to just rest

in the midst of milk baths and anointing oils and wedding dress creating.

In the midst of wound cleansing, healing salve applications.

To neither move ahead of you, nor run away in fear of my weaknesses.

But to surrender all of me, my hopes and dreams, my emotions and passions

my weaknesses and failures, my striving and planning

into Your faithfulness and Love.

Thru the gifts of others, You’ve given me the gift of permission to be Woman

Create me now, to be the the true Beauty that You ordained

Before the World began!

May I fully reflect the glory You have for me to Reflect!

Show me how best to work with, or just BE with You in the process of Becoming…

That process of Becoming the Beloved.

I dedicate my All to You, for I will follow you all the Days of my Life!

My Lover, and My King, My Redeemer and my Friend, My Creator and Protector

Yahshua, my Messiah


He Responds:

Hosea 2:16 “But now I am going to woo her —
I will bring her out to the desert
and I will speak to her heart.
17 I will give her her vineyards from there
and the Akhor Valley as a gateway to hope.

(side note: Achan was stoned in the Akhor Valley)

She will respond there as she did when young,
as she did when she came up from Egypt. (out of bondage & slavery)

18 “On that day,” says Yehovah
“you will call me Ishi [My Husband];
you will no longer call me Ba‘ali [My Master].
19 For I will remove the names
of the ba‘alim from her mouth;
they will never again be mentioned by name.
20 When that day comes, I will make
a covenant for them
with the wild animals, the birds in the air
and the creeping things of the earth.
I will break bow and sword,
sweep battle from the land,
and make them lie down securely.
21 I will betroth you to me forever;
yes, I will betroth you to me
in righteousness, in justice,
in grace and in compassion;
22 I will betroth you to me in faithfulness,
and you will know Yehovah.
23 When that day comes,
I will answer,” says Yehovah
“I will answer the sky,
and it will answer the earth;
24 the earth will answer the corn, wine and oil,
and they will answer Yizre‘el [God will sow].
25 I will sow her for me in the land.
I will have pity on Lo-Ruchamah [Unpitied];
I will say to Lo-‘Ammi [Not-My-People], ‘You are my people’;
and they will say, ‘You are my God.’”

May the Season of Yehovah’s Fall Feasts be a full of Rich Blessings for you each, whether you are in the midst of the sackcloth and ashes of Repentance or the Milk Baths and Fragrant oils of the Bridal Preparations, or somewhere in between – for instance, in the midst of the Wilderness, needing Him to Tabernacle with you as you feel your way to the next step ahead in blind faith!  Shalom, Shalom!!


“Alive!” – A memorial to the Faithfulness of Yehovah!


The following video is a memorial to Yehovah.

If you’ve read my blog, you know that one year ago this past weekend, Sept 9, 2011, events happened in my personal life that would forever change my life.  That day, as I was reeling in emotional pain and turmoil,  I could not have imagined the beautiful ways in which Yehovah would be Husband, Provider, Lover, Friend and Restoration to me in the coming months as I let my husband go to the consequences of his choices, moved from my home to my father’s home, and tried to move toward a semblance of normal life.  One year later, my heart is full and overflowing!  He has absolutely been my everything this year!  HalleluYah!!!!!

If playing this just on computer speakers, you’ll need to turn the volume up!!!
Enjoy, and Praise Him with me!!!



The songs used as background are used with full permission, from my longtime friend, Grant Andrew & band, The Scattered Minstrels.   Please humor me, while I do a little PR for them.  😀
The first and last song, “Keeping You Alive”, was written in response to the pain within my family.  He posted the lyrics & note below on Sept 16, 2011.  The audio is a recording from their live, outdoor concert held June 3, 2012 (hence the reference to flies in his intro, and the need to turn up the volume on your speakers).
The  second song, “Coming Alive” can be found on his album, Deep Brewed Life, found here:
You can listen or purchase the album on iTunes or Here, at Reverbnation:
Please take a moment to like his public page found here, on Facebook:

Okay… Last but not least, Grant’s original post of

“Keeping You Alive”
Friday, Sept 16, 2011

“Funny thing…social media is like birds – when something bad goes down, it gets real quiet. Last week, a meteor hit my Facebook family. It’s underwraps still, but suffice it to say a family is breaking into pieces. So am I. All I know how to do in these times is write, songs. So for everyone in this situation and not, I pray these words are a reminder of a life beyond this, not later, deeper. :

I can’t imagine what it feels like

so I won’t try to say

But it broke my heart in pieces

The news I heard the other day

I can’t speak for Almighty

But I’ve had my share of pain

And when I’ve listened through my tears

This is what I’ve heard Him say

I am the God of restoration

I love the human heart

There’s nothing in a broken world

That can pull you from my arms

Sure there’s pain in your story

But I held you while we cried

Someday you’ll see the whole truth

And know I’m on your side

Even now

my love is keeping you alive

All the brokenness we’re born with

All the brokenness we make

All the time that we spend mending

Just to watch the picture break

It’s tempting to say “figures,

I was just born to live in pain”

But you know there’s more than losing

In a God who knows your name

I am the God of restoration

I love the human heart

There’s nothing in a broken world

That can pull you from my arms

Sure there’s pain in your story

But I held you while we cried

Someday you’ll see the whole truth

And know I’m on your side

Even now

my love is keeping you alive

My mind wanders ‘cross the years

It’s hard to miss the loss

Makes you wonder if the time you gave

Was really worth the cost

But love that is invested

Counts here and beyond

So real life is never wasted

And real hope is never gone

I am the God of restoration

I love the human heart

There’s nothing in a broken world

That can pull you from my arms

Sure there’s pain in your story

But I held you while we cried

Someday you’ll see the whole truth

And know I’m on your side

Even now

my love is keeping you alive”

The Sovereignty of Yehovah


Hues of Grace (2)

Back in May – May 18th to be exact, I had a conversation that would fuel a pondering and a processing that would last for months… It was odd, in that I’d spoken to the individuals once and twice before, but it was deeply good, and has helped me in more ways than I even know…

It should be said, up front, that I’ve felt like a fish out of water this past year.  For 17+ years, every conversation I’d had with a man has been within the context of my relationship/marriage. I’ve had firm boundaries about what I would and would not say, about how I carried myself, how I interacted, about the fact that my husband was told of the content of every conversation I had with men… Having watched my parents divorce due to a lack of communication, boundaries, & protection which ultimately led to an affair, I wanted to do all I could honor my marriage, my husband, and to make sure I didn’t go there…

So, when I suddenly was without husband, and headed toward divorce, I found myself struggling even with simple conversations with men I knew and loved as brothers, not to mention those not so close.  Where did the boundaries need to be now? The obvious answer (tho I didn’t see it clearly till it was reflected back to me that evening in May) is I needed to hold the same boundaries for myself as I had once for “us”, However, it had to be communicated in vastly different ways – because my boundaries are not now predicated by a marriage, but by my devotion to YHVH and to guarding my heart in obedience to Him.
Add to that, in November, for about a month and intermittently since, I reacted to men in ways I totally didn’t expect, and left me confused and a bit embarrassed. What was going on?!?! I don’t blush, I don’t do embarrassed – why is my face suddenly hot and red when I’m not attracted to this person, and the conversation doesn’t warrant this response?!   A friend summed it up well, when she said, “You are beginning to feel.  I went thru the same thing.  When you close yourself off from feeling as an act of protection, and then when you begin to come alive, when you begin to feel safe, the body goes thru this weird “getting used to it’s own skin” again, in bizarre ways where even the wind on your face feels completely different.  Your senses are waking to truly feel life again.”

Regardless of the cause – the entire idea of relating to men was a bit scary and off-putting.  Yet, I knew I needed to grow in this area. Prior to “the incident” that ended my marriage, I was pretty comfortable in my own skin, within my norm of marriage and family.  By early May of this year, following a time of deliverance from spiritual assault that had attempted to reach itself into my life and put a strangle hold on me, I was again free in my own self… by myself… But interaction with men was fraught with nerves and a strong desire to keep my head down and just keep moving. Eye contact especially challenging – a conscious and deliberate choice…

and then…
One of those rare “remember for a lifetime” conversations that would work it’s way to my heart, and free me….

We were in a group of people, 3 of us single and one married, who had once been in my position. The other two singles were talking about a commitment they’d made in regards to looking for a spouse, as they read thru Scripture.  You may recall that Abraham was VERY adamant that a wife for Isaac be chosen from amongst his Father’s house.  Rachel, too, pushed Isaac for a wife to be found for Jacob, from amongst her Father’s house.
There is a deep spiritual truth in these stories, and example for us, that if we are looking for a future spouse, we must look within Abba’s house.  “Abba’s House” might look different for others, but for me, it means looking for someone who worships in Spirit and in Truth.  Someone who is searching Scripture to learn more of Yeshua, and to learn more of what the Abundant life Yeshua offers looks like in the day to day. Most importantly, it means, someone filled with the Spirit of YHVH, with His fruit bearing in their life, in the midst of their personal obedience to YHVH, within their personal relationship with Him.
The second part of their commitment is that there would be Unity by the Spirit between themselves and YHVH’s intended partner for them, prior to unity of anything else between them.  I didn’t get the impression that this is the unity of Spirit which comes often in the fellowship with other believers – when, in a small group, there is unity between all in the worship of Elohim – altho that might be a good place to start looking for someone from Abba’s house.

No, this was a deeper, individual Oneness in Spirit connection between two people, male & female. This was the stuff of “what Elohim hath joined together, LET NO MAN put asunder” in absolute declarative!!

I sat with this thought process for weeks and by mid June was comfortable with agreeing to the “big picture” – the details took even more processing.

In late June, I listened to two sermons, while driving backroads of WV, on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The rest of the time driving was spent connecting what I was learning in regard to the Holy Spirit with what reality and the details might look like if one searched within Abba’s house for a mate AND waited for the unity of Spirit between the two individuals before moving forward in any other unity.

As I processed thru the details, what the reality of this commitment looked like to me was a whole lot of surrender.                                                                 Surrender of interest, desires, dreams, lust, passion, love.

Surrender often – Likely daily, maybe moment by moment at times.                                                                                                         In Rebekah’s story, she chose to marry Isaac sight unseen and I’m sure she had a whole lot of surrendering to trust on that ride from her Father’s house to Isaac’s Mothers Tent, and clearly, she was willing to go the day after the servant approached her, which means Abraham’s prayer, that the Spirit go before the servant was answered – however, in today’s world, the reality is much more likely that at some level a person would “know” the other before YHVH put the two together.  In that knowing comes the need for surrender to YHVH’s timing, sovereignty and will.  It means listening for YHVH direction in every male/female relationship. It means surrendering one’s own desires and one’s own fears, and acting in obedience to the Spirit’s prompting.  It’s reminiscent of –

“Young women of Jerusalem, swear to me
         by the gazelles
               or by the does in the field
                    that you will not awaken love
                         or arouse love before its proper time.”

And then – there is the moment in which YHVH makes it clear, by the Unity of the Spirit abiding within each that this is the Intended spouse.

The declarative moment when YHVH says,

“What Elohim hath joined together let no man put asunder.”

In Rebekah’s day, Isaac took her to his mother’s tent and they were married… Bringing that forward to now – I’m kinda thinking there might be a lot of heads snapping on FB when a relationship status goes from single to married in a very short amount of time (especially for those who haven’t observed the exercise of daily surrender).  In today’s world the expectation is an engagement period, and a preparing for the elaborate wedding, and …

Ok, so obviously, at some point along the way in Jewish tradition, there became a standard protocol of a betrothal period, a time following the making of the commitment to marry and provide for; when the bridegroom would go back home, and prepare a place for the bride, and His Father was the one to decide, “Yep, the bridal chamber is ready, it’s time to go get your Bride.”

So, when Yeshua said, “I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will return and receive you unto myself” and “no one knows the hour but the Father” he was making a Complete Reference to the wedding practices of the time and culture. (A culture which, as I said back in “In a Land Far from Home” feels much more mine than anything I see around me today)
At first glance these two conclusions look to be opposing – that of a necessary betrothal period, and that of becoming married in the moment of, or VERY shortly after YHVH creates a unity of Spirit… However, as I followed it out further, I realized that if a person is waiting on YHVH all along the way, and surrendering completely to Him day by day, and IF that person is doing all that YHVH directs them to do which prepares them emotionally, spiritually, physically ahead of time for the bride or groom that YHVH has chosen, then the betrothal has already occurred on the spiritual level, because the betrothal is really a commitment of faith and trust before Elohim, to dedicate oneself to whomever He choses.

Hence, the “unity of Spirit” could easily be the equivalent of YHVH saying, “The marriage chamber is ready – it’s time to get your Bride/receive your Groom”
And we’re back to heads snapping, mouths gaping on Facebook. 😀
Granted – YHVH is incredible in how He works, and we must always remember that we don’t know the mind of Elohim. So there is likely a spectrum of how He works the timing out – from Rebekkah’s story, of leaving the next day for husband unknown and marrying him within the day of arrival, or Ruth’s story, when she follows the directions given her, makes herself known to Boaz at night, and the next day is married…. all the way to a year or 2 years long betrothal or even to Jacob’s story of 7 years of work for his bride.  However, if one is going to truly trust YHVH for direction, then one must equally accept the possibility of both ends of that spectrum!

After thinking that all thru for a while, meditating, praying, etc.. by early July or so, I had decided that I too would trust YHVH in the deepest place of desire, in the most intimate of relationships that I will potentially face as a single woman.   I would surrender to the process of 1. Not even considering someone outside of Abba’s house, and 2. Surrendering the day to day interactions with any and all single males, until 3. Unity in Spirit, directly from the Spirit of YHVH, makes His will clearly evident to myself, to the intended groom, and by default, those walking most closely with us. 4. At that point following the leading of YHVH for His timing of whatever marriage details and other essential rubber meets the road stuff sure to follow.

I will walk in that surrender to YHVH, for He truly can be trusted with this!!


 What I didn’t expect was the consequences of that decision.  I didn’t expect that when I surrendered the deepest of desires for the most intimate of relationships, it would naturally overflow into all of my relationships.  But, the past couple of weeks, I’ve been amazed by how much the decision to surrender there, has given me freedom across the board, especially with men.

The pressure is off. It’s not up to me to make something happen, nor to keep something from happening. It’s only up to me to follow YHVH’s leading – daily. Obviously, if He says speak, then it’s time to speak. If he says, Hold your tongue, then I’d better shut it. If He says to go, or to stay then I should follow that. And I should follow the general boundaries He’s already given me … However, there are no longer the jittery, fish out of water feelings present in my interactions with men.  I can be me. I can be who YHVH created me to be with no reservations. I can trust His sovereignty and His will in all of my relationships!

Trusting Him isn’t a new thing for me; nor is Trusting His timing. … How many times have I said, “that’s not a battle I have to fight today, it will come, in the right time” ? How many times have I felt one thing, but stayed surrendered & obedient to His word to me regardless of my feelings?
However, in this space of my heart, it is new… I’ve been in a relationship or married since 1993.                                                            All other relationships were secondary.

That has changed, and by default, so have the nature of all the other relationships…
But, in trusting YHVH with the timing and sovereignty of my desire to someday have a true human Husband, all other relationships, male and female, fall into the place of trust also.

So, when I can’t be at my grandfather’s bed during his ex-tubation with the whole of my extended family, I trust YHVH’s timing. When it is my time to be at his bed – Guess what – YHVH shows up in some awesome ways, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His timing for me and for my grandfather is perfect in this moment, so that, when his eyes close in final rest, I can say, “Grandpa, we’ve run the good race, we’ve finished the course set before us.”

So, when my dear friend calls in labor, a labor and birth I’d planned to attend, as I sit holding my Grandpa’s hand, his time being counted in hours, I trust YHVH’s timing. When her daughter is born, 1 hr and 15 min after he passes, it’s a tremendous blessing for my grieving heart, and I trust YHVH to know that He has my friend in His perfect will, love and timing also, and has a blessing prepared for her.

So, when friends are supposed to meet me on the mountain balds, and one passes me by a mile (or just 50 ft, but might as well be a mile in the cloud) I trust YHVH’s timing that Yeshua and I needed more time together alone; and He also had  an incredible blessing in store for my friend as he watched the unveiling of the mountains alone.

So, when 7 are invited to join in a project, and one shows, I know that’s what YHVH ordained, and guess what, my alone processing time prior to his arrival and the work accomplished after his arrival, and the conversation over supper, and the fellowship in worship were exactly what we both needed for that day.

So, when I have several stops/meetings planned, and in the course of the day, some of them fll thru, I can trust that the stops that were made are the right ones, and the time spent at lunch with a dear friend, and later helping her with some details that I would have otherwise not had the time to do – it’s what we both needed for that day AND that those I didn’t see are within Abba’s will also.

and So… someday, when the proper time has come, and YHVH awakens love, with whomever He choses, I can trust it will be deeply good for both of us… and likely in the perfect timing not just for us, but for many more affected by our union.

And that’s why I’m so very grateful for the perfect timing and sovereignty of YHVH.
The timing was right when the conversation was had one evening in May. The result of me taking that conversation to YHVH and walking thru the implications in my mind, has opened me up to freedom of Trust, where I was once immeasurably unsure and shaky.  Should, in the process of surrender, YHVH never bring a human husband into my life, I will be forever grateful for the eternal benefit of freedom in trusting YHVH in all of my relationships, which came out of that one conversation. Absolutely breathtaking and of eternal value it was!
Yehovah’s timing and sovereignty in my daily personal life, is just incredibly good!

His timing is Golden

Happy Birthday to my Blog!!!


I was doing some housekeeping on my blog today, and realized that I wrote my first “About Me” at my original blog address – on August 7, 2011. One year ago today!!  In a year’s time, I’ve written a bit more than one blog a week (70 in one year), and I’ve covered a whole lot of territory.  I was filled with hope, and thought I was headed toward a time of healing when I started that blog.  That all came down around my head in Sept, but YHVH has been SOOO faithful to me, and indeed, there has been much healing, and I have much Hope!!!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!!! For sticking with me this past year!!

Blessings and happy birthday Beloved’s Blogspace!! 😀

Shalom – Shabbat Shalom….


Clouds clearing from Jane Bald – I love the sepia effect on this picture! credits & thanks to the photographer.

Earth and Sky …

‘Solitude’ near friends, and Shalom 😀  (and no, I didn’t burn)

Roan Highlands… windswept and wild.

Fields of Gold…

Shalom to all – may your heart follow the path YHVH has for you, your feet carry you to Him and His perfect peace each and every day!!!