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Yehovah’s Date Days


Recently, I had the opportunity to write my personal summary of the beauty contained within Yehovah’s Date Days! Can’t wait till my next date day with Him!

The feasts are incredible prophecies, the spring feasts were fulfilled tho I’ve a hunch there is still a bit more to come as every feast had a now, intermediate, and long-term prophecy imbedded within it…, but the beauty is, observing Passover is the original “communionImage of Bride & Groom under Tallitn service” and celebrating it as believer in Messiah is in direct obedience to Yeshua’s words.  There is no “animal sacrifice” saying His death didn’t occur – only bread, wine, food, celebration, and a remembering of him, broken for us.  The week of Unleavened Bread is an incredible reminder to eat only of His sinless life, to take in HIS word and remove all leaven from the soul food that we eat.  The feast of First fruits reminds us clearly that he was the FIRST fruit, raised from the dead…  Shavuot, or Pentecost, celebrated on the day the 10 commandments were given and many centuries later when the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples reminds us that we are to worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  This is the giving of the covenant, the marriage ketubah or contract! This is the Bride’s day to rejoice that her Husband, Yeshua has made a contract, a promise that He is and will keep!

The fall feasts on the other hand… Have yet to see their final fulfillment, tho they’ve had intermediate fulfillments already. Image of Shofar blowers -   The Day of Trumpets announcing “The Bridegroom Cometh!”, based on the word of Two Witnesses. The people, coming out of their fields of harvest, washing and putting on their prior prepared white linen robes to Sound the Shofar and announce the coming of judgment and the bridegroom.  The 10 days of awe between Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) and Atonement, the time of asking, is there any sin remaining? Is there anything that stands between me and the Father reminds me of EGW’s words regarding this rending of soul by the saints…  Atonement – the judgement day. The day when the names are final in the book of life. The day when the Jubilee trumpet sounds and announces the Sabbath year, the millennium.  The day that the Sanctuary of our hearts is fully cleansed.  It’s an awesome, terrible, beautiful day of fasting and praising Father for the Gift of his Son who makes us all worthy, whose life and death mean our names are in His book!
And Feast of Tabernacles.. The feast of “and the Word became flesh and Tabernacled among us”. The feast that lasts 8 days, where temporary dwellings are built, and we look back to when He lived with us in the desert and we look forward to the time when He will live with us, Tabernacle with us, not only in our hearts, but with us bodily.

Image of Bride & Groom under Chuppah

A Bride & Groom stand under a “Temporary Dwelling” called a Chuppah

 This is the “Wedding Feast of the Lamb” – This is the culmination of the incredible romance that He, Father God has called us into. This is the restoration of all things.  And there is this neat little ceremony, the Water Libation when they pray for the Latter Rain (part of the intermediate fulfillment)… Yeshua stood, in the temple, at the moment of silence before the water was poured on the altar, and defined what they were doing, when his voice rang out, “I am the living water!! If any man thirsts let him come to Me and Drink”.. John says he was talking about the Holy Spirit… the true latter rain!
No, These feasts in no way make naught out of the Life, Death, Resurrection and soon return of Messiah nor are they dead bones of false religion or a “to do list”, rather, they are living rehearsals, a live drama of the Plan of Salvation, of incredibly infinite good things to come, the substance of those things being Yeshua – and our relationship of intimacy with Him! For we who were once foreigners are now brought nigh into the commonwealth of Israel, into the marriage relationship Yehovah intended for us to have with Him.

As Paul said, “”For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Festival, not with the old yeast of malice and wickedness, but with bread without yeast, the bread of sincerity and truth” (I Cor. 5:7-8, NIV).   YES! let us keep the feasts! Even the spring feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover. Not with a sacrifice, not with the leaven of malice and wickedness but with Sincerity and Truth!!
For He is our Passover Lamb, He is our First Fruits, He is our Husband and He has given a new covenant to write his Ketubah within our hearts!  He is the Bridegroom yet to return! He will judge the quick and the dead and the sons of men and He will welcome us to the Wedding supper of the Lamb!  HalleluYah!

Image of the Bride of Christ caught up to meet Him in the air


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Times & Seasons – thoughts on Feasts of Trumpets

Times & Seasons – thoughts on Feasts of Trumpets

Tonight was the beginning of the 7th month in YHWH’s calendar, and began at the sighting of the “new” moon.

It was a crazy day, school, lots of kiddos, busy unpacking, etc.  My cousin is here, with her three, helping me shoe horn my belongings into my dad’s already full house. We made some good progress…
We were eating supper and getting kids baths as the sun set, but I was able to snap some pics.

The moon was much further south on the horizon than I expected, but we did eventually find it.
Here’s my first pic of it:

We got the children rounded up and outside and they took turns taking pictures of the moon.  And the glowing sunset thru the trees.

Then we listened to the shofar on youtube,

since our own trumpet is buried somewhere in boxes, and we talked about what the Feast which starts today points to. “Yom Teruah”/Feast of Trumpets. Trumpets proclaiming judgement coming. Trumpets proclaiming the bridegroom coming…
I wrote a lot about that in Potatoes & the Moon, so won’t reiterate. However, if you missed it the first time around, check that blog post out here – very cool stuff!:  https://shakamboqer.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/potatoes-the-moon/

When I wrote that blog, a little more than one month ago, we were days away from the beginning of the 40 days of repentance, which will end 10 days from today, with Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement.    When I mentioned that I expected to be working thru my own repentance… the rending of my marriage and a move out of my home was NOT what I had in mind, but somehow the timing seems not coincidental…Judgement, repentance, cleansing of our hearts (sanctuary), Our True Husband’s return… My heart and soul are very aware of the bigger picture, YHWH’s story going on within and around the microcosm of my much smaller story.  Like I said in my last blog, I truly pray that His healing comes, and when the times the Feasts of the next two weeks foreshadow come, that we all will be wholeheartedly anxious for His Return. …

We, the children, my cousin and I also talked about the moon, how we call it a new moon, but it’s not really a brand new moon.  Only it’s light had been hidden, but now, this night it is “new” or in Hebrew culture, “re-newed.”

You know,  YHWH made a covenant with His people. He said they were His Treasure, His Jewels, and He promised them that they would be a holy nation of priests, chosen to Him as His “Bride”.  They broke the covenant, broke faith with Him, and their marriage lies in shambles….
We often speak of a “New” covenant… much like the “New” moon we sighted today.  Truth is tho it would be better understood as a “Re-newed” covenant, for, YHWH is still after the same thing – A covenant relationship, marriage with His People. Love. An intimacy unparalleled in all the History of Man. Him filling us, fully….We, reciprocally, in Love with Him.  YHWH would like to “Re-New” His covenant with His people.  In His Love, He provided, thru Yahshua’s death, a way for that to happen… His question remains the same, “Will you marry me? Will you celebrate, keep & observe my Covenant with you?”